Who's The Next Philippine First Lady?

Written By bryanboy

Who's The Next Philippine First Lady?

It's election day in the Philippines. I thought about making a blog entry about the wives of male presidential candidates (potential first ladies) and then I realized, none of them are stylish. Some are pretty, yes, but pretty doesn't cut it. Pretty is too easy. 

Can you imagine Nikki Teodoro in Peter Pilotto? Cynthia Villar in Alaia? Loi Estrada in Christian Dior Haute Couture?

Who do you see competing being photographed side-by-side along the likes of the iconic Michelle Obama and the stunning Carla Bruni?

Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni

Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni

All I can say is, win or lose, them politican wives will shop. See you at Gucci! See you at Hermes! See you at Louis Vuitton!

The burning question of the moment perhaps is, who did you vote for today?

photos via: nydailynews


  1. si nikki prieto hot. kaya sabay with michelle and carla bruni and queen rania.

  2. carlosceldran

    Nikki has the bones. But she needs a stylist. Desperately. Perhaps you should offer your services to the nation and help her out should her husband win. But we won’t know for a few more hours/days/who knows…

  3. Regina

    Nikki is the most suitable but not really ka-level ng lola Michelle and lola Carla Bruni mo. Today, I voted for the one with Galing at Talino. hindi yung puro salita and sentiments. God bless the Philippines :)

  4. i would really rather that they not shop in louis or hermes it doesnt impose a very good image especially considering that they should be focused on the advancement of our nation and not buying 500,000 peso bags.

  5. Janthina

    only nikki teodoro could even begin to hold a candle. i agree with the commenter above about the stylist though. even mobama needed help.

  6. I’m soooo proud of Carla Bruni. She’s embodying so well french women (well… I’m a french woman :-))

  7. What about Kris Aquino, should her brother won (God forbid)? Or Nikki Teodoro!!!

  8. Nikki’s hot but shit her fashion sense is a whole nother’ level of fug. Save her bryanboy!
    I hope we get another one that was as awesome as Imelda Marcos, minus the batshit crayziness

  9. my golly Kris Aquino???? she wears those highly expensive clothes that she can’t carry very well…

  10. we had an elexction here on thursday (UK) but it went down like a shit in the bath. Hope your electoral system isnt as bullshitty as ours :)

  11. No other national elections can be as shitty as the one we have in the Philippines! :) Although this year is a huge improvement.

  12. Have you seen Mr. Aquino’s girlfriend? She’s really pretty and she really needs someone like you bryanboy ;) She’s too simple, it sucks. Sayang beauty niya. There has been a rumor of having a proclamation and wedding at the same time. I wonder who will make his bridal gown.
    Btw, I voted for Mr. Teodoro :)

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