The Human Centipede [movie trailer]

Written By bryanboy

The Human Centipede [movie trailer]

Have you seen this film?

The Human Centipede Movie Poster/Trailer

I’m sure y’all know by now my taste in films tend to gravitate
towards the chick flick category and I’m not really a big fan of horror movies. Remember Paranormal
Activity? Yawnsville. I watched that film on the flight from Detroit to
Narita. The Human Centipede on the other hand, oh my lord, how grim is



  1. eww eww eww!! are you going to watch it?? this is like those sick movies such as “hostel” and “vacancy”!!!

  2. Laura L

    What in the world?? zomg… I wanna see it too! (but why??) am I sick also?? :(

  3. Allen J.

    I”m not really sure what to say to that! This movie looks disturbing and sick for more reasons then one, but the greatest reason for me is……….are they attached ass to mouth?

  4. It’s grossest as ever :'( I can’t believe you made me watch this!

  5. So disgusting but yet I feel so tempted to go and see it. I think it just has to be seen. Seriously, when is there going to be another film quite like that? Apart from the sequel perhaps…
    I’ve heard there’s going to be a sequel of it with 12 people sewn together :/ disgusting eh?

  6. The acting in this movie looks horrible. But Im interested… :]

  7. Amanda

    Not watching this film EVER! it’s so worng and disgusting! bb I love your taste in fashion but honestly, this is so not for your blog

  8. trish

    that is freaking sick!! i got scared just watching the trailer!
    I feel sorry for myself for having to watch this trailer

  9. leiza

    That is the most disturbing thing I have ever ever seen and I think I might cry holy shit oh my god whyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    pretty much

  10. i saw this and i love it!
    haha, i was eating something with cream cheese in it though…i don’t recommend that!

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