The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Written By bryanboy

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

After visiting the stunning  Balenciaga store here in St. Petersburg where the usual US$300-something sunglasses are being sold at US$1,200++ each, Alexey and I went to the Hermitage for a leisurely evening stroll.

Hermitage, St. Petersburg

I told him this place reminded me of Place Vendome in Paris where there’s a big thing in the middle of the square with all these beautiful buildings and skateboarders etc then he told me something really, really funny. I wanted to capture that on camera but then he went all shy and wouldn’t repeat.



  1. I love your travel posts! the last time I went to St.Petersburg was about 5 years ago..looking at your video just now made me miss it so much :(

  2. hmm..i should of sneaked into your luggage, i wouldnt mind going on a holiday right now, exams suck.
    st. petersburg looks gorgeous :)

  3. electric

    “a quick, leisurely evening stroll”? Leisurely implies taking your time…the opposite of quick

  4. TomTom

    I just used Google language tools to translate the word “hermitage” from english to russian. HIIIILARIOUS!!!
    You are too funny BB. Love your blog!

  5. Love your blog! I saw you at the program “Fashion” that shows in Swden now, you are so cool :)

  6. Anonymous

    Your friend looks great!
    Okay this may sound weird, but are you guys together? Have you slept with him yet? :D

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