Terry Richardson x The Journal

Written By bryanboy

Terry Richardson x The Journal

How funny. Never mind the fact that my body is currently running on granny o'clock (early to bed, early to rise), it seems that the older I get, the more I'm turning into a prude. 

Have you seen the new photos Terry Richardson took for The Journal? Click HERE to view them. They're not safe for work and if you are under-18 (or whatever legal age in your respective location), please ignore the link. There's a photo of a Terry Richardson smiling in between a girl's legs, with bush and vajeen in full view (I cropped the photo below to keep within the work-safe nature of my site), a shot of him twisting the same model's nipples and more.

Terry Richardson for The Journal

I honestly don't know why I felt disgusted when I saw them for the first time considering I've seen much, much, much more sexually-explicit photographs on the internet over the years.

What message are they trying to convey with these photographs? Do we really need to see a shot of a flower shoved inside a vagina? Are they necessary? Inappropriate? Irresponsible behavior? Attention-seeking on The Journal's part?

Terry Richardson is, without question, one of the greatest photographers of our time. I won't deny him of this fact and it's futile to even discuss his talent because we know he delivers.

But those photographs published at The Journal? All I can say is that they left a very sour taste in my mouth.


  1. I’m so glad you are speaking up with your thoughts on Terry Richardson! The fashion world needs to know that his behavior during photo shoots is really unacceptable, unprofessional and completely inappropriate. What a total creep!

  2. But I am big fan of his picture….not all but some of them

  3. While I like the look of his photography, at least the non-overly sexual ones, Terry give me the creeps. I don’t know why but just looking at him makes me feel dirty.

  4. Terry Richardson must be in Jail with many of these “ARTISTS”. These pictures are obscene…..anyway We get used to see stuff similar to this every day but this is too much, I mean…..He’s a well known Photographer ………Oh Gosh…. Anyway it’s plenty of PEOPLE LIKE TERRY IN THE WORLD, SO YOUNG MODELS PUT YOURSELF IN FRONT before putting your carreer! WE CAN’T GO OVER THIS!!!
    thanks Bryan !

  5. Terry Richardson must be in Jail with many of these “ARTISTS”. These pictures are obscene.anyway We get used to see stuff similar to this every day but this is too much, I mean.He’s a well known Photographer Oh Gosh.Anyway it’s plenty of PEOPLE LIKE TERRY IN THE WORLD, SO YOUNG MODELS PUT YOURSELF IN FRONT before putting your carreer! WE CAN’T GO OVER THIS!!!
    thanks Bryan !

  6. I kind of like his photography, not the obscene ones but he isn’t actually bad at it. But I completely agree that he is a creep.
    Love your blog Bryan! I’ve seen you on some magazines and finally now I can check it out! Great!
    New blog, check it out:

  7. Laveena

    I refuse to see those picture; don’t want any disturbing images in my head. What you say of it, sounds sick enough. More people like you need to voice out loud the perversion that takes place in the name of art or freedom of expression in fashion. You are right, it’s just wrong on all counts. Fashion need not be pornographic

  8. christine

    this creep is using his “artistic” freedom to see, touch, and get near young girl’s vajayjays. why else would any young model (or any young girl) strip like that in front of an old man if not for the sake of “professionalism”???
    there are many gray areas in artistic freedom and this dirty old man is abusing it!
    Just look at the way he smiles! Young sweet vajayjay is practically smack in his face.. and he’s getting away with it!!!!
    this is a dream come true for all sex offenders!!!

  9. I am not a fan of Terry Richardson’s work at all. It’s not so much the sexual content (which is nothing new, and on which he plays to get media attention)* that I object; it’s the poor quality of his work in terms of aesthetics. I don’t like the mannerisms that characterise his photography: the abuse of flat lightning (probably flash in most cases), the obvious compositions, the dirty colours… He is also completely unable to renew his style. It’s always the same picture. More unimaginative each time. Once you have seen one picture by Terry Richardson, you have seen them all. They are all fugly.
    * It is difficult to have a position on the allegations made against him: he remains innocent until proven guilty. If what he is accused of is real, it is totally horrifying and legal action should take place so that TR should be given the chance of a fair trial, rather than a trial by media: he may be found guilty, he may be found innocent too. As it stands, he does not have a chance to clear his name; the models don’t have a chance to get reparation for the alleged actions; the models may even be raising his profile by accusing him of these wrong-doings.

  10. That’s sick. Doesnt he know that there’s a fine line betwee artistic freedom and pornography?!. :(

  11. Alexa

    I just puked in my mouth. Poor girl, shew was the one who never found out waxing exists! EW!

  12. la bacque

    He is so gross. He might be a good photog, but I am not interested in his work because he looks and acts like a total perv. I feel bad for the young girls who work with him, many do it to work with a big name and suffer his inappropriateness…although the fashion industry doesn’t seem to mind…although they don’t seem to care too much about the bodies for their clothing, as long as they stay thin…

  13. It’s all about the bush for 2012. with the end of the world approaching only the strong will survive. We will need our pubes for insulation from the upcoming glacial epoch.
    back to class.
    p.s. is it bad im turned on? I like that he makes me feel dirty…going to hell. I hope this girl wanted what she got. If not :(

  14. I’m glad more people are speaking up against the fashion villians.
    How ever undeniably talented he is, Terry’s ‘famous’ stature has prevented many industry insiders to speak up about his well-known antics. Just think how many gullable 16 year old girls who are desperate to make it in fashion, to think that by befriending or obeying what Terry has to say will propel them to stardom.
    As much as fashion is all about sex, drugs and rock and roll, these bullying and manipulative acts have to stop.
    Bryanboy keep up the good work and do more good deeds such as this!
    The fashion commentary site:
    Follow me on twitter @kiwibiwi

  15. my thoughts exactly! except that i do think that besides the “sex sells” in his photography; he’s a creep and i wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt so fast. His technique is not great; he’s not a very creative photographer and pretty much what you’ve said.

  16. one of the greatest photographers of the time… pshhhhh
    i’ll take steven meisel and mario testino any day before terry… he’s uncreative and creepy; and the fact that he loves to be in his photoshoots doing creepy things like putting his head under the girls vagina or showing his dick makes me think he’s a famewhore too; he may be established but famewhore nonetheless… you can take a polaroid, take a photo and you can get pretty much the same effect he does… and for overexposed flat lighted photos; i’d rather take juergen teller; at least his photography is more tasteful

  17. oh vom vom vom. the porny nature of nearly all editorials these days directly takes away from the quality of them…

  18. Lorenzo

    Brian, you are 100% right – this type of content does not really fit The Journal brand.
    And the flower thing, well – that may just be art, but placed in the wrong venu. So in my opinion Brian is completely on target with this one.

    For the rest of the folks that are commenting:
    I think everyone is just not getting Terry.
    He is turning the camera back on the viewer.
    His trademark “thumbs up” is a statement about the fashion industry, poking fun at it. He is exposing the creep within us all. He is asked to do the Pirelli calendar, and who do you think signed him up to do that? A bunch of old-man creeps in a board room that want to see nekid young girls – so he gives clients & people what they want & turns the camera on them with his “thumbs up” – almost like saying: “this is the best time of my life! Dont you wish you were me? I am so lucky!”
    This “thumbs up” is actually used on allot of porno sites, that is where he took it from. Thus he is calling this industry porn in a way. Calling out it’s soft core nature.

    So behind the smile and thumbs up, cant you see he is crying inside. It is a way of lashing out at the industry, and exposing peoples inner thoughts.

    If you actually precieve him as a creep, you need to look beyond the surface. Why does he put himself in the images? Why the simle and the thumbs up?
    What do you feel when you see a scrawney scrageley man with young girls? Uncomfortable? If so then he is exposing some of the hypocrisies of this industry – in your face.
    Unreal that he makes so many of you squirm.
    He is not a fashion villan, he is a fashion hero – for exposing the problems.
    The funniest part of all is that he get’s paid to do it!

    THIS – has been going on in the art community since people painted unflattering portraits of kings and noblemen – only Terry is trickier because he has to be.

  19. Another attempt to make art as an excuse for a creep like him. WTF. I’m an art student. The body should be respected. Graceful and elegant. Not like that. Trashy.

  20. lorenzo

    take a close look at your art history books Judaslied – if people can not use their work to comment on problems with the industry they work within – then how else?
    Do you want to see Terry up on a soap box at a runway show full of 1/2 nekid girls sneering at the mag editors that are going to inevitably use them to sell product?
    Reality is harsh, I know.

  21. miten

    I’d love to hear from people who think Terry is, as Bryan put it, “without question, one of the greatest photographers of our time.” How so? I’m really very curious. I look at his body of work (no pun intended) and it’s so … one note. It all looks exactly the same and always has, and the inspiration is quite pedestrian.
    To me, a great photographer can capture a fabulous moment, create endless different moods, and transport the viewer to a world of places. With Terry, I’m only transported to a cheaply lit basement, over and over again. I find it quite… dull, and I always assumed he got work because his dad was a famous photographer. So I”m geniunelly interested to hear why people feel he’s so talented, because I’d like to know what I’m missing!

  22. miten

    Even if I took your explanation at face value—that Terry is not only expressing his wit but his vulnerability—it does not excuse his abuse and exploitation of young women and girls. I agree that THAT has also been going on since the days of kings and noblemen, but that doesn’t make it okay. Humans—not to mention artists—should evolve, not cling to the past.

  23. Pauline

    Bryan, could you please blank out his face at least? Terry’s face is seriously disturbing there like a pedophile or hick town murderer in that pic. Your readers are already scarred for life….please don’t torture us anymore.

  24. christina

    and yet this is the same Terry who has young models give him handjobs in his studio in front of his staff, once said that “It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow. Why do you think I have a hole in my pants?” in regard to how to make it in the fashion industry, was recently called out by supermodel Rie Rasmussen for sexual abuse and exploitation, and asked Jamie Peck to take out a used tampon from her vagina so he could play with it. Google this and you can find it.
    what’s unreal is that you can justify what is UNDENIABLY sick behavior in the same of satire and ‘art’. yes, Terry does expose some social tropes and make people uncomfortable. that does NOT in any way excuse or compensate for the rest of his atrocious behavior. Terry is not some wondrous artiste working as one individual brave man against the masses.
    Richardson has great skill and art, but he’s a major fucking creep who should never have access to a girl again.

  25. Personally, I’m on the fence when it comes to Terry. I admire the fact he has a very distinct photographic style. Show me an image, and I could probably tell you whether or not it was taken by Terry. It’s that obvious.
    BUT, I do not like the raunchiness that appears in most of his work….for instance, the photo above. I am shocked that he decided to publish these images after the most recent controversy involving him taking advantage of young models. Who does he think he is? The photo above is creepy, gross and unacceptable….not to mention disturbing. I just don’t like how he continually gets away with this kind of thing. ew.

  26. attention seeking indeed!!!! Honestly I thought The Journal stood for something better, something morally better. But they are just sucking up fuck ups like the rest of the fashion world. The Journal now means Zero to me.

  27. if you want to call Terry Richardson’s gross photo as “art.” Then i can slap shit on your face and called it “art” too.

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