Speaking of White Knights…

Written By bryanboy

Speaking of White Knights…

Meet Alexey.

I have to give mad props to this awesome guy for taking care of me here in St. Petersburg. He’s my host with the most.

Click click click!

Why so serious?

We’ve been talking for a month and it’s lovely to finally meet him. He picked me up from the airport, been helping me with my lost luggage, been showing me around, wine, dine, ok maybe not 69 but you get the idea lol. Tsk tsk tsk!!

We even have a few mutual friends – we miss you German! Wish you’re here!

PS. Ang haba lang ng hair ko ha.


  1. Laveena

    What an angel Alexey is, I’m glad your okay. Have fun in Russia Bryanboy.

  2. I would love to be able to understand the meaning of that PS – I could not find an online translator which could help me with Filipino, though!

  3. @Davidikus PS means Post Script. Its an english term used to add something you forgot to put in something you wrote earlier.

  4. Johnjohntimes2@yahoo.com

    P.s translated in English means…
    P.S his d$:$k is huge.
    Joke! It actually means
    My hair is long sister

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