Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Written By bryanboy

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

After sitting behind two geriatrics AND beside a mother and evil spawn satan child who simply could not contain himself thirty four thousand feet up in the air for the duration of our hellish fourteen hour flight, I'm glad to say I finally made it in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

(Airport is empty because I took this photo at 3-something AM!)

For a stopover. I have another flight in…. nine hours!

PS. I didn't get all the hoolabahoola about Avatar last year but omg I cried… as in FULL-ON WATERWORKS!!


  1. Noven

    words of gold comes out of your oral cavity and it’s just soooooooo funny. It always brings a smile on me.

  2. Jasper

    A fuck. If I know this earlier I can join you and we can have some diet latte and a lots of booze!

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