Roberto Cavalli and teh Interwebs

Written By bryanboy

Roberto Cavalli and teh Interwebs

At the Roberto Cavalli press conference yesterday afternoon, many journalists asked elementary questions like “where do you get
your inspiration?”, “have you been to/how does India or Indonesia
inspire you?” (asked by an Indian and an Indonesian journo)  or “where
do you get inspiration for your prints?”

When it was my turn, I asked him this: how do you, as a designer, and how does “Roberto Cavalli” both as a brand and business, adapt in this digital & internet age that we live in? 

Here’s his reply.

After I asked that question, the whole room went silent and his very handsome Communications Director Massimo (my god, he’s soo hot) translated it in Italian. From Roberto’s initial reaction, I somehow felt as if I’ve put him on a spot. I thought he was gonna snap and skip to the next question. But he played the game and played it well.

Colin McDowell then put me on the spot (see 1:20) by telling Roberto, “I have to say that you’re talking to one of the world’s most famous bloggers.” Yikes. How I wished for the ground to open up and swallow me alive.

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  1. This is great, I loved his response so adorable I’m glad he’s embracing social media and respecting the work of many bloggers, bravo!

  2. Haha I was there too Bryanboy… but don’t you sorta feel like he’s out of sync with the internet and stuff?
    Or at least his answer reflected that… Nonetheless though I was there for the press conference as well! Seated right behind you… and at least he answered your question!
    Hahaha I saw you eyeing his translator!
    Anyways… love you as always and hope you visit my blog :X

  3. Totally awesome for you to ask such a question to the most fave designer cum artist of mine! I would love to be in your place, at that moment, just to see him face-to-face. Envious enviousssss…..

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