Roberto Cavalli and teh Interwebs

At the Roberto Cavalli press conference yesterday afternoon, many journalists asked elementary questions like “where do you get
your inspiration?”, “have you been to/how does India or Indonesia
inspire you?” (asked by an Indian and an Indonesian journo)  or “where
do you get inspiration for your prints?”

When it was my turn, I asked him this: how do you, as a designer, and how does “Roberto Cavalli” both as a brand and business, adapt in this digital & internet age that we live in? 

Here’s his reply.

After I asked that question, the whole room went silent and his very handsome Communications Director Massimo (my god, he’s soo hot) translated it in Italian. From Roberto’s initial reaction, I somehow felt as if I’ve put him on a spot. I thought he was gonna snap and skip to the next question. But he played the game and played it well.

Colin McDowell then put me on the spot (see 1:20) by telling Roberto, “I have to say that you’re talking to one of the world’s most famous bloggers.” Yikes. How I wished for the ground to open up and swallow me alive.

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