Reeeeaaaallly now, L'Oreal?

Written By bryanboy

Reeeeaaaallly now, L'Oreal?

I remember this stunning image of the thinspirational Olga Sherer from the November 2007 (Vogue Montres) issue of Vogue Paris.

Olga Sherer, Vogue Montres/Vogue Paris November 2007

Fast forward to the February 2010 issue of Vogue Italia comes an ad from L'Oreal.

L'Oreal INOA ad campaign

Everything's photoshopped these days anyway so the question is, do you think it's Olga Sherer on that image, photoshopped to make her a wee bit plumper or no? What say you?

Just wondering…


  1. its not Olga, still I can’t help but notice the concept was recycled… not original. BB that’s quite remarkable for you to notice this after a 3 year gap. You indeed live and breathe fashion(or I think its really VOGUE)

  2. Hahaha, great catch! This is what makes you different than others!
    It is not her but the smell of plagiarism is really strong!

  3. cathy

    i think they could have been paying homage to the image the hair is definitely silkier looking

  4. like cathy said, probably paying homage to the image – plumper, flowers instead of a skull to symbolize the silkier, healthy hair. good spotting, l’oreal was probably waiting for the special person like you to notice the resemblance!

  5. It looks to me as if they recycled the concept, rather than used the original image. The original image is a better photograph: it has been less doctored and is more natural, moving (imvho).
    Most likely, both are recycling an image by Man Ray where the model is holding an African mask in front of her face. I just cannot find it. & at any rate, Man Ray was probably recycling something else himself!

  6. fashion latina

    eittt!!! i love your blog!!!
    letme tell you, the photo seems a full copy!!!

  7. i don’t think so, the hair is on the wrong side and it’s not even in the same shape. Plus why would they want to make her “fatter”?

  8. corrine

    Wow, you’re good to remember this photo! Now, I see all the more the difference between a photoshoped photo and another that is not…look at the hair! I think it’s a different model but definitely the same concept. :)

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