Prada USB Thumb Drive

Written By bryanboy

Prada USB Thumb Drive

They say some of the best things in life come in small packages.

Prada USB drive

Ok, we all want a little flawless rock from Graff but hey, a little something something from Prada is just as good enough.

Click click click!

It’s a USB thumb drive! Who knew Prada made one? I didn’t.

Prada USB drive

Prada USB drive

I love it. With all the traveling I do, it’s perfect to move data from my laptop to my personal computer when I get home…


  1. Shweta

    I saw ( and touched) the one from Chanel, it was so glossy and came in a packaging so lavish, that it made me think it was a pen drive souvenir. And then as my long nails curiously struggled with it.. off came the cap, and its workability was confirmed! but it didn’t stay with me for too long. My editor is in love with freebies as much as I am. In this case it was Chanel in question, thus hierarchy played its role and the Chanel beauty went to her. ( I like the Prada more now) ;)

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