Plane Spotting

Written By bryanboy

Plane Spotting

Some of you knew I got ripped off by a unscrupulous merchant in Singapore earlier this month but you know what, I’ve decided I love my new camera. I *LOVE* the zoom feature.

How many times have you spotted another airplane on the horizon while you’re midair? In my case, not that often… but on this trip, I’ve spotted two planes. Here’s one of them. Is it a bird? Is it superman?

Plane Spotting

Click click click!

Zoom it!

Plane Spotting

Zoom it more!!!!!!

Plane Spotting

And now zoom it out.

Plane Spotting

Cray cray eh?

What in god’s name are these? A cemetery in the middle of the ocean somewhere near Sweden?


Hmmm… they look like windmills, no?


Thought I’d get some work done on the plane… it’s a three-hour plane ride after all.


Are we there yet?

KLM flight from Amsterdam to St. Petersburg, Russia

Darling, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

Amsterdam to St. Petersburg

It’s a beautiful world… and I’m so happy I get to share it all — my world — to you via my blog. :-)


  1. Amazing pictures! It’s incredible! You are travelling all over the world! It’s good, because that means you are successful and your blog is gorgeous!
    Best wishes from Spain!

  2. u are so cute!

    pls do not hate Singaporeans because one decides to rip u off…

  3. Laveena

    Yes life is blessing and it’s wonderful that you are so grateful. :)

  4. BB, that’s not a cemetery in the middle of the ocean lol. Those are windmills, they are mainly used for energy. Renewable energy which is big in northern european countries. We have loads of them here in the Netherlands as well.

  5. Hell yeah, BB.. It’s pity u met one bad bad Singaporean. BOO.
    Hope u meet with great and fabu ones on ur next trip here. :D

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