Nikki Teodoro in Comme des Garcons Play?

Written By bryanboy

Nikki Teodoro in Comme des Garcons Play?

I think it’s disappointing that Philippine presidential candidate Gibo Teodoro lost the election but the question on my mind right now is…. is that a Comme des Garcons Play t-shirt on his wife, Nikki Teodoro? I can’t tell from this photo.

UPDATE from DaphneOP: Yes, it is!

Nikki Teodoro


Nikki Teodoro


photo credit: Joel Lacsamana via DaphneOP’s blog.


  1. Prolly not. Knowing Filipinos, it’s probably silkscreened and made for Gibo’s compaign.

  2. Have to day that wld be very cool.
    ps Finally, fiinally added a blogroll to the new shiny site for LLG. and you are on it. LLGxx

  3. Alexa

    It looks like it. I LOVE Comme Des Garçons. I was introduced to it from (also thanks to you) and I’ve bought quite a few stuff from there, not the t-shirts though but I know that symbol. It definitely looks like it, but judging from those mom jeans, she probably has no idea what that brand is.

  4. natalie

    i think mrs. teodoro knows the brand because she is rich

  5. whoa?! Comme Des Garcons in the philippines? not sure if i like the way she wore it but yeah wow. the most fashionable there i think is like green belt! unless theres a place in manila i havent been too. hmmm

  6. bluecandyboy

    @h1: nikki teodoro comes from old rich so i don’t think she would dare wear something counterfeit

  7. I disagree with Alexa. I think she knows what brand that is since these elite people grew up wearing such brands. Then again, it just proves how huge the gap between the rich and the poor is in The Philippines.

  8. mau gaga

    but the REAL question here is… why, oh why are they wearing those jeans? they look like a Kansas couple :S

  9. I want Bro. Eddie to win, Gibo is good too but I would prefer Villanueva! Who Won as our president?

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