Mary Katrantzou on Mafia

Written By bryanboy

Mary Katrantzou on Mafia

Have you ever heard of/played the game ‘mafia’? I haven’t. Let fashion designer Mary Katrantzou (who makes some of the most spectacular printed dresses today) explain it to you.

It’s funny how Mary and I met for the first time — inside a lift with a fellow passenger who couldn’t decide whether to go to the third or fourth floor.

Next thing you know we’re having blinis, caviar and vodka shots!

Mary’s here in St. Petersburg for Aurora Fashion Week. Her show is on Sunday night.


  1. So you like Mary Katrantzou. Are you interested in fashion?
    What are your vies on fashion?
    I wish your friend good-luck for her show.
    Best wishes for Mary.


    Oh I love playing Mafia! It was an “ice breaker” game I played during my college orientation. Hope you got a chance to play. (:

  3. Paula:))

    I’m playing Mafia so often in my school with classmates!! lol

  4. Dilya

    Mafia is wicked! In Kazakhstan there is a club where all mafia players can go to play. With real bets and a lot of Martini=)I found out a lot about my skills of spotting liars as well as being one of them myself. Definitely its as good as pocker!

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