Madonna for Louis Vuitton Photos, Raw and Unretouched

Written By bryanboy

Madonna for Louis Vuitton Photos, Raw and Unretouched

How does she make you feel?

Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Unretouched Photos

Click click click!

I think for a 50-something year old woman she looks great.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Unretouched Photos

Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Unretouched Photos

An image from the campaign…

Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Unretouched Photos

Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Unretouched Photos

That’s all.

photos via fashin fags


  1. Alexa

    I’ll be honest, she looks WRETCHED. There is a reason models retire at..say 25 years old. She’s beyond old, too old do this stuff. And the photos aren’t that great, I hate to compare it like this, but my grandmother could do the same thing and she’s like a size 25.

    1. That’s kinda fucked up to say. Models retire at 25 because we don’t wanna look at ’em passed that age? Or you saying the whole modeling aspect–period? I think models should model as long as they’re confident because confidence speaks for itself, But real talk, for a white lady, she look damn good. She in her sixties, ya’ll be looking like that in ya’ll 40’s, keep it real.

  2. Uuuuuh grandma … you are into LV i didnt know :)
    Thats how she makes me feel.
    But still impressive and strong.

  3. I like Madonna’s music etc but seriously you are not enticing me to the LV brand at all! I didn’t like it much before and I like it even less now.
    For me advertising is about engaging people to the brand and just because someone famous is modelling the merchandise doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and buy it, especially when the person doing the advertising looks that washed up!

  4. sandie

    Wow, I can see that she’s old now, I wish they stop using that photoshop, she’s an old woman now, why pretend she isn’t?

  5. the campaign could have been more dramatic if they use the raw picture.

  6. rune dk

    woops – she did not have a facelift!
    good – but the campaign and the clothes are terrible!

  7. trish

    i must say she looks fierce and but i really hate the outfit. Love the fact that they release these photos

  8. It’s true se looks OK for 50-something, but these photos are shocking because we are so used to see her photoshopped we don’t know what se really look like anymore. My first impression was “OMG, so looks so old!!!”
    (Also the lighting is pretty crude, doesn’t help much either)


    I think she looks amazing. To be honest Im not a fan. But there is something candid about the portrait that I really like. I really like art and photography more than the superficial need to hide someone’s age. I wish more stars would do this. Like Iggy Pop for example. Then the common person would maybe get use to it.

  10. Fauzee

    now that’s what I call photoshop on steroid. retouching a few fine lines here and there is still acceptable. but that? they should just shoot the mannequin or instead. so much for aging gracefully.

  11. Madonnas age isn’t the problem, what she’s trying to advertise is. If Madonna dressed age appropriate and modeled for a company that made classic non fussy lines, with untouched photos it would’ve been okay, but she insists on dressing like a teenager. It doesn’t mean that because your body looks good the face matches. You are not the same age as the boy you are shagging…. or the same age as your daughter

  12. I’m sure you’ll be shocked all the same if you look at the original pictures of a 20 years old model before photoshop..

    Nowadays all fashion pictures get this treatment before they end up in magazines. They make the skin look perfect the eyes look larger and more striking….etc

    So I really don’t see anything weired or surprising in discovering that Madonna’s pictures were photoshoped for the campaign.

    Maybe if we become less concerned and obsessed by age and perfection, the fashion industry will stop photoshoping models pictures..

  13. She looks swollen, and like she hasn’t slept in days. The photoshop worked great miracles.

  14. What happened to her mole? At any rate, welcome to the world of modeling! Like someone said, a 20 year old would look just as “wretched” without photoshop and the same bad lighting. The clothing is ridiculous anyway, so anyone 50+ or not is going to look bad in it.

  15. Felix

    She looks exhausted, tired and so much older than she actually is. In my opinion, she’s aware of that too and doesn’t feel very comfortable in her role – The pictures make me kinda sad …

  16. natalia

    Well to be honest, madonna is a horrible model, not because of here age, but I thinkt that she’s looking on every picture the same… she should try to do more with her face…

  17. Tari.

    I think she look great..
    making me feel ugly in fact haha :)

  18. absolutefr

    why hasn’t it occurred to anyone that someone might have indeed touched the photo to make her look worse than she is??
    look at some pictures taken from the red carpet – these are untouched and she doesn’t look raw as on those.
    People – use your brains
    Bryanboy – you should know better…

  19. I didn’t realize she was 50! I guess it makes sense and she does look good for her age, but seeing the pics UN-retouched was a bit of a shock.

  20. She looks like a woman, and a woman who lived. She should be proud of those photos.

    The finished ad campaign doesn’t even look like a person. It looks like an anime doll.

  21. Proenza

    Madonna raw and untouched is still impressive. The LV campaign was gorgeous with the color and saturation, so the contrast pics are far more extreme than standard re-touching for a cover. Madonna still has an amazing body and looks after herself well….she has amazing skin and better than most women half her age.

  22. From the 30 that society wants to hide in the trunk of memories is lamentable.
    Promote unrealistic beauty always involves feeling unsatisfied, I DO NOT WANT A DOLL FACE, REALLY WANT

  23. From the 30 that society wants to hide in the trunk of memories is lamentable.
    Promote unrealistic beauty always involves feeling unsatisfied, I DO NOT WANT A DOLL FACE, REALLY WANT

  24. mike d

    I’m a little suspect. The lighting is unflattering and dull to enhance the ‘planned’ sepia effect overlaid afterward. The intense desire and interest in showcasing unflattering portrayals seem to be more a commentary in spite than an unveiling of ‘what is real’. Take a real good look in the mirror folks…some of you need Photoshop of the mind and heart…and if you’re soul mirror isn’t on the blink…maybe turn it back on and get a life.


    i´m a 100% sure that these pictures aren´t the raw images – these pictures are photoshopped by someone, in the other direction, he made her look old. i´m an expert in retouching, and i can see what that person did to her face, fake wrinkles etc. besides, i know somebody working in stevens studio, and it would never be possible to get to the raw files of the shoot, for nobody than steven. so get it, these pics are fake, she may not look like a 20 year old woman, but she doesn´t look like a 50 year old. just check some amateur videos on youtube of her, videos can not be retouched, she looks pretty fresh.

  26. I think we always have images of young (photoshop) Madonna in our head that’s why the real-age picture of Madonna may stun us. If media gradually portray female celebrities as a real-time age, I think everyone won’t be this shock.

  27. Madonna is the only choice for this campaign. The clothes take chutzpah to pull off and LV wanted someone the audience would identify with having a certain bravado instantly. Madonna’s got balls!

    But she’s also a real woman in a role (model) that is built on artifice. You can’t fault the photoshop especially since her primary role is of a pop star. Pop starts are supposed to be glossy and shiny. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

    And I love you Madge!

  28. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Mag ever look old. She looks good for her age and all my mom is the same age and looks just as good. But she still looks old

  29. gabyf4

    ok, first of all… she is madonna, and she looks aweasome!!! this pics have great light and her skin is not retouched. she looks human!!!!! i cant believe people prefer fake!!! she is old… and amazing… i am glad i get to see a real human being on a picture… i am tired of all the fake… so… is sad to know the retouch of the pics make her look like a 14 year old… cause madonna rocks specialy cause she comes from waaay back. LV, and Marc Jacobs rock too!!! this pics and the dress and everything is mega nicE!!

  30. Did anyone send that ‘finished’ image to PhotoshopDisasters? Look at how much longer her arm on the right side is compared to the left?? The skin smoothing and all that is to be expected, but what the hell was so wrong with her ARM that they did that???

  31. Oh yes videos CAN be retouched, it’s called CGI. Haven’t you ever seen a TV commercial for L’Oreal or Maybelline mascara? Lashed curling upwards and spontaneously growing over a few seconds onscreen is NOT NATURAL, time lapsed photography!
    As for noone ever getting shots out of a studio, well I bet Madonna gets some sort of approval of her images – it’s not so impossible that someone along the way burnt a disk on the sly.

  32. I wonder… how do we know that these picture weren’t not retouched to make Madge look horrible?


    O my gosh. I alway’s thought she was ugly but now it is official.

    @the Netherlands

  34. Chris

    I have a problem with her attire. Wish she would’ve looked more classy. Whoever put that stuff on her head and hid her soft curls should rethink their career.

  35. The kneejerk reaction is to gag, because after you saw the retouched Louis ads (which by the way were my least favorite ever [what was that annoying digital glare!]), seeing the originals is shocking. Not totally unexpected but just awe-inspiring (and not in the good way).
    If they just kept the retouching at a minimum, and better lit her (and shaved the peach fuzz on her chin) and did a better job on the makeup, it wouldn’t be so shocking and we’d assimilate our brains to socially accept aged beauty a little more.
    I think she’s a beautiful, talented individual, but honestly those photos are plain ragged.

  36. it is really bad lighting…besides the whole concept of the campaign was to put it though a special filter and achieve a certain artsy effect. i agree that young models in the the same light without retouching would look awful. who the f-k leaked these photos? here is a question for M’s team to investigate

  37. La Bella Vita

    This is the first time I’ve seen her look like this, it was in the middle of sticky and sweet and she was burning the candle at both ends.. everyone looks like shit once in a while.. Especially under raw lighting and extreme high definition.. candid paparazzi photos of her with no makeup coming from yoga, she actually looks good… seriously

  38. Tuna Bhuna

    You really want to believe that Madonna isn’t old, don’t you? I bet you’d scream if she wasn’t wearing all that foundation.
    People are not perfect. Stop wanting them to be.

  39. sarah

    Come on she looks fantastic for 53!
    I hope I look as good as her when I’m that age.
    She also models for the D&G range and the photos are amazing. She has designed a range of sunglasses for them too is there no end to her talent!!!

  40. He’s still with her… good to know though that people’s worth, especially that of women, is based solely on their looks.

  41. If you see her in person she still looks fantastic even without makeup. She has really smooth-looking skin and is really petite. Her eyes are really stunning in person. You see her in paparazzi picture and film and she doesn’t look like she does in these photos at all. These look like in between shots used to test lighting and things like that. They also look shopped to make her look worse.


    I agree! We are all going to age someday if we are lucky to live that long. I’m only 26 but i know when i reach 50 – i don’t want people judging me on the fact that i no longer look 25 so….good on you Madonna!

  43. pictures are retouched ALL the time…including with the young models…look at the september issue when they cut sienna miller’s head and put in on another pic of her body…you dont know what your lookin at theses days. It is good to see it upfront and raw, credit to her!!; i forget were all human when looking at some of those campaigns!

  44. paola catizone

    May be they re trying to entice middle age women to the brand…after all, they (us) tend to be the group with more disposable income available for buying fashion and luxury items. hey re also trying to be polemic, a la Benetton, and judging by these comments they re succeeding

  45. Where did you procure those images? It’s good to see the raw pics. I am afraid that she looks quite old for a 50 year old. Worse is: she looks worse in real life. She used to live fairly close to where I live in Marylebone & mostpassers-by in the street would ever recognise her without make-up! She looks like on these raw pictures, just older.

  46. At first the pics impressed me a bit, it’s obvious she’s not 20 anymore; but on the other hand, when are campaigns and brands going to stop selling us stuff with 16 year old unrealistic, over retouched photos of sick skinny girls? Most of the customers don’t look like that, except for some spoiled heiress teenager or the kid of some celebrity perhaps. I think Madonna is setting a good example with these pics. It’s time the industry stops selling us lies, and us wanting to buy them.

  47. I honestly can say that she looks fabulous! I mean the glamour is still there, but age doesn’t really hide everything, especially the marks on her face and neck…

  48. Madonna’s pictures were not photo-shopped to make her look old. That’s what she really looks like. In her younger days she probably burnt the candle at both ends. Also, lighting on stage, or on TV is very bad for your skin. She looks like shit. I was shocked. She needs more cosmetic surgery.

  49. izzie

    She looks fab for her age and how refreshing to see her face,…the wrinkles…few are those earned and why not celebrate them… our culture is obsessed with youth and perfection…but perfection can be a face full of wisdom experience and beauty…Madonna’s face is just that!

  50. haven’t u guys noticed her chin-hair?.
    but anyways, i’m a smoker and i don’t do pilates or whatever.
    i’ll be even hidious when i get to my 50’s.

  51. Micah Constantino

    jeez, photoshop much? Madonna isn’t the problem. It’s the horrible lighting and horrible make up. She’s 50++ years old, I really don’t expect her to look 30ish despite the botox. LV should really consider re-shooting. Phptoshop hide the eyebags and that’s it.

  52. Laure

    welll, it is no reason to be that shocked…I wish you’ld publishe some un-photoshopped pictures from the young supermodels and we will see…

  53. Tim G

    Doesnt it just make you realise how much we live in a synthetic world where people are manipulated and airbrushed to an inch of their lives.

    OK so some nubile model might look better au naturel, but even then she would be airbrushed. Madonna looks good for 50 (even though I cant stand the woman). I would rather see faces like that advertising whatever because it will make the world realise that we DONT have to look flawless 24/7, age is NOTHING to be ashamed of and hopefully we wont end up with so many dismorphic people who feel they have to go under the knife to ‘keep up’ with the younger generation.

  54. laura hudson

    i think she looks like a typical 51 year old. not too bad

  55. LOL spot on, i was trying to figure out who she was reminding me of

  56. She is still looking very good for 51, the pics are just not so well because she’s not smiling.
    I don’t see a matter with the age she can do this modeling, but if a Model is 20 or 50 nobody looks like the retouching pictures in the magazines.
    She is a hot milf.

  57. peter bennett

    i dont really know how i feel like this, i’m not reli sure if i think airbrushing is a problem either, also dont think that people listen to pop music to feel uplifted and her music isn’t exactly deep and meaningful, so why does she feel that distorting herself is such a big deal. Also id have a lot more respect for her doing this if she had an album coming out or something, like im not being funny this seems like a total attention grabing thing because no-ones talking about her. well done i spose for being brave enough to do it but dont get the point, Hollywood is supposed to be glamourous and aspirational, dont feel that these piks are

  58. These pics are photoshopped to insult Madonna. Ad it commes a new time from “The Daily Mirror” whose speciality is to attack, without stop, Madonna because they NEVER received any exclusivity regarding Madonna. So they act as nazis.

  59. Christine

    Those are just bad pictures because of the lighting. We’ve all seen many totally unretouched paparazzi photos of Madonna and we know she doesn’t look like that. Her skin is normally gorgeous.

  60. Freaking mother of pearly black shells!!!! i thought creme de la mer is working good on her hahahaha kalerkey her face and the over processed photos in the ad weirdaaaaaahh!! i should see her the next time she visits maldives she’s always here every December!!

  61. Shes been digitally made 2 look older in this pic for hype! she does nt look that old.! see her sticky and sweet dvd recorded last year she doesnt look that old! no way!

  62. She looks good for her age, I can overlook the wrinkles…. although sadly not the moustache and whiskers

  63. jules

    Oooh thats made me feel very lucky indeed! Im the same age and look much younger than Madonna and I havent got three million pounds to spend on my completion! Ive only enough to buy Oil of Olay and Vaseline!!! I bet she was gutted when she saw these!!

  64. Edmond

    Madonna looks great! I have seen twenty-somethings looking much older. As far as photoshop – all models get touched up.

  65. Glow Santelli

    OMG, and Jesus Luz is sleeping with her and not with (lets say) Britney or Kesha? Yuck at Jesus Luz!!!

  66. steve

    she should be ashamed of herself! i don’t know what the hell she thinks she doing? she gone to far this time…

  67. manna

    Aging is demonic. I feel sorry for all of us as we get older because no matter how old we look outside, we feel 17 and want to keep going and going.

  68. That’s still not her real face – it’s so swollen you can tell she’s full of botox.

  69. It did suprise me a bit as to how haggard she looked, we all know that she is no spring chicken and time will not stand still for no woman.
    At her age i would seriously consider retiring and enjoy the time she has left with her family, its not as if she needs the money, maybe she justs craves the lime light.
    I still think of her as one of the greatest femail performers of our time.

  70. LABruin

    These pics are total fakes. While I admit that the ad campaign shots are airbrushed, the “real” photos have been touched up to make her look way older than she actually does in person and for live events. You all should Google pictures of her wearing the same outfit at the NY Met Gala in 2009. Those pics are 100% untouched as they are snapped by the photogs at the event and she looks closer to the airbrushed ads.

  71. zaisim

    yes the photos were airbrushed – even girls one third her age are getting airbrushed – it’s what makes a photographer’s job more fun these days. but let’s face it, these are not real. similar thing was published about her w magazine photoshoot. do you think we are all that blind or that stupid? we’ve seen her on TV on david letterman, marriage reff, in concert for sticky and sweet, on news in malawi and cannes and in several paparazzi shots. unless the whole world is busy photoshopping every single appearance of madonna, these so called real photos of her and way too far fetched. give yourselves a break – she’s going nowhere.

  72. She looks like a strong, confident, successful woman who, against all of the small mindedness of jealous people, has managed to sustain a successful career and bring up two children, and has also achieved more than idiots who diss her can EVER hope to achieve.

  73. still beautiful!
    And guess what? All people will get older, theres nothing to be ashemed of.

  74. femme_00

    Okay, so the unretouched images aren’t flattering, I mean she looks absolutely fantastic for a 50-somtheing year old woman, I would very much like to look and have the physique like hers when I get to be her age
    However, I really didn’t like the LV campaign with the photoshop overdose, it looks fake and does nothing for the LV products marketing-wise

    The Dolce and gabanna campaign on the other hand looks great, the created this idea that kind of suits the entire picture that D&G wanted to send out and Madonna looks even better in this campaign


    Madonna 50+!!she is not bad looking (without all the make up),i bet some of you when you reach to her age (without all the make up!!) will properly look worse then her in many time!!. So Madonna i fully support your age with the ture face to show the world!!

  76. karen

    What’s the deal; she’s 51 – the same age as me and looks much the same as I do and many other women of our age. We happen to stay trim and fit by eating sensibly, exercising regularly and just having full and busy lives . . .

  77. She looks a million times better than Fergie, who is a year younger and looks 10 years older

  78. Vaya! no se oculta nada en estas fotos, tan reales y naturales que impactan. Ella es una mujer hermosa. Me encantan las fotos.
    Cordiales saludos

  79. STE...

    please come on…she looks fantastic…a little tired maybe…and very bad lighting…ive seen madonna last year close up…she looked amazing….never under estimate madonna….xx

  80. mike hylton

    These pics are FAKE. Madonna looks amazing. I had the pleaure of meeting her one on one and she was breathtaking. She looked very young. Even my girlfriend said she looked great and she is not a fan.

  81. How does it make feel? Tired. But I also think Thank God.
    However on another note I love retouching and am very glad that photographs are. The has been retouching since the dawn of photography. It has always walked hand in hand. I dont see what all the fuss is. The old Hollywood studios used to have rooms of retouchers to retouch the negatives the stars were shot on at the time. I love seeing people at their best or better than their best. I love the dream. We all need a little fantasy in our lives.

  82. Wellington

    What complete over-shopped GARBAGE. Everyone knows madonna is well past being a sex symbol since the ridiculous video in a leotard… I feel sick. The may aswell have drawn her completely from scratch because the original pictures bear no resmblance to either the original pics or the withered old bag that is Madonna…

  83. she needs to wax her chin.. cheeks… forehead..
    madge is so hairy!

  84. everyone looks horrible without the miracles of photoshop! The campaingn has amazing! And without “madonna wrinkled face” there wouldnt be a LV campaing!

  85. She is looks great for her actual age~ Since she always need to put much make up on her face for performance,so I think if she is 50 years old, I think she is “ok” >.<
    by the way, her eyes remain pretty, actually : )
    Still a bit shock, how amazing of the photoshop effect *.*
    Another Fashion Story

  86. I’m not understanding why not keep it real and take some more flattering pictures of her? She looks crazy even in the retoched photo’s it doesn’t look real at all. Poor thing.

  87. Gina Frey

    These photos make me feel excited to age.
    She looks like a beautiful human being.
    Keep in mind, the “retouched” campaign ad version does not only edit / enhance her makeup,hair, skin, and eyes, but also SERIOUSLY plays up the lighting, contrast, and colors which play a crucial role in the reception of the photographs and how they make you feel.
    A photo that is grey, dark and desaturated is not going to make you feel like jumping around on your bed to Spice Girls music. However, a photo with glowing, bright, pinks, greens, and blues and warm colors, will inevitably be received more warmly or just … “better”.
    Keep this in mind….

  88. asian_in_great_white_north

    I agree with

    I’m a graphic desgin student and those pics seem to be photoshopped to make her look older.

    plus you can not just add wrinkles put also streach and make her look fatter with various liquidfying tools in PS

  89. Kyle Tokata

    1st- love Madge!
    2nd- lets not forget that she is over 50. compare her to other +50 old women and not 20yrlds.
    she looks good 4 her age. LV however is a diff story not a fan, I jst dont get it.

  90. i think she looks like.. what the fuck!
    looks SELAZY to be honest, like some old prostitute.
    of course some people like that..
    gee it doesn’t even look natural! all that stuff on her face… (it WAS cool to think she was cool)
    hmmm but I suppose they should use those images for the campaign.
    just my 2cents.

  91. Really? It mAkes me feel better! Finally the awful truth…Madonna is not eternal too..

  92. I agree. I was taken back too. But I have loved Madonna for many years and have had her back during the years of shock and awe that we have known Madonna for. Yes she older and so are we! I’m glad she decided to show the real Madonna to the world. I still love her!

  93. Dynomysus

    She’s 50 and looks great. The disappointment is in the perpetuation of an unrealistic ideal for women. I mean, even Madonna, a musical force to be reckoned with, still had to be Photoshopped to participate in this ad campaign. Or maybe she demanded to be touched up. Either way, that still says something. Lies, all lies. Don’t believe the hype!

  94. Dynomysus

    Red carpet photography is vastly different from what’s used in editorial or fashion or catalog photography. The distance from which their shot, the lighting, the lenses, etc…vary greatly.
    And as a person who works in the industry EVERYONE gets Photoshopped, including the young models.
    Though you’re theory might be true…most likely it isn’t. Not trying to dis you, just lending another perspective.

  95. i don’t buy this photo. She spent so much money for what?? look like this??
    This cannot be real!!!!

  96. While I can think of better celebs to choose over Madonna, I applaud L.V. for going with an older model and especially an untouched look.

  97. ariana

    Just the fact to post these crude photos show that bryanboy is the usual women
    hating gay ass….just as i suspected.
    By the way with his black shades looks more stupid than good old madonna.
    She is a creative force while our bryan is just surfing on something he would never be able to achieve.

  98. Tom, Newcastle

    Oh for gods sake, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks. It’s called age, it happens to us ALL sooner or later.
    Get a grip.

  99. Are you insane? She’s only like 50. How the hell is that old when American women these days are living well into their 80s? Let’s see if you’re in that kind of shape when you’re in your 50th.

  100. I’m really disturbed by the fact that people are calling a 50-something woman ‘old.’

  101. I think its important for us to see the real deal and learn that we can’t look like 20 for all our lives. I rather see Madonna with all her wrinkles and a life well lived, then give me an illusion of a 50 year old looking like 20. That is bull…. and too much pressure for woman looking good until we are old wrinkly grannies. Enough said.

  102. How old dose madonna? Even I can’t tell her from the picture.just an old women with beautiful clothing and handbags

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