Lady Gaga T-Shirts – I'm A Free Bitch, Baby

Written By bryanboy

Lady Gaga T-Shirts – I'm A Free Bitch, Baby

I'm not surprised there's an opportunistic person out there in the UK capitalizing on Lady Gaga's fame by selling these Lady Gaga "I'm A Free Bitch, Baby" t-shirts for around US$19 each. They come in different colours: red and white, purple, black and neon green, black and gold, black and silver. It also comes in a tank top, too.

Lady Gaga T-Shirt I'm A Free Bitch, Baby!

Lady Gaga I'm A Free Bitch, Baby! Tshirt

Click HERE to view the seller's eBay store.

What do you think? I'm buying one just for kicks. You know, something to wear in private — at home, on the plane and at hotel rooms. *wink wink*

I want your love and I want your revenge…

photos via: eBay


  1. Allen J.

    I’m definitely buying one, but like you I probably won’t wear it in public. I live in Tennessee so there is probably a law about cursing on shirts anyways……the Bible belt :/

  2. the pic of the guys wearing the red, black and purple shirts and the girls’ one are photoshopped. do these guys know that they’re advertising these shirts?

  3. I don’t understand why everything has to turn black. Everyone now says baby and drops and holla and its going down or went down. What happen to the english language? When was it okay for white people to want to be black. This world has gone seriously wrong. Anyway she doe snot say baby all she says is i’m a free.. bitch.

  4. Haha, so photoshopped. Two copyright infringements and counting…

  5. i am the one that make those t shirts
    yes they are part of a photoshoot actually i sell both on ebay and on
    the woman tank top are not photoshopped is actually her wearing that. and yes they have been wearing those. i do out all the time with them and it’s totally fine. it’s a kind of joke t shirt, and ppl over here seam to understand the humor.

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