Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug Official Video

Written By bryanboy

Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug Official Video

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Ke$ha. Her new video, Your Love is My Drug, is out. 

Playing one of her catchy songs is probably the best way to drag my carcass on the dancefloor during a club night.

Ke$ha Your Love is My Drug Official Video

What you got boy, is hard to find. I think about it all the time. I’m all strung out my heart is fried. I just cant get you off my mind!

Because your love, your love, your love is my drug. Your love, your love, your love. I said, your love, your love, your love is my drug. Your love, your love, your love.

Haters gonna hate. Don’t judge me.


  1. OMG! I also have a secret crush for Kesha. I am too emberassed to even have the cd in my house in case my freinds see it but when i get into the car thats all i listen too, so catchy, and i always use the excuse that the cds in my car are ones i don’t care if the get stolen… but i really hope Kesha doesn’t get stolen :P

  2. Isn’t there an interview floating around with Ke$ha hating on Britney? And if so, why is she pulling such a Britney move with the snake?

  3. I love the fact that this video takes place in the desert. My favorite part is definitely the glow in the dark part with the body paint.
    Kesha has a very unique sound and I’m really liking her music at the moment. Her jewelry is great in this vid!

  4. Hi!!! i saw this blog a couple of monts ago! and i forgot the direction… now i find it again…and i like it!
    don’t you think that kesha new song is a little bit…poor? it’s not as good as tik tok… maybe is a one single singer…who knows…
    see you!!

  5. Tyler

    this is tottalllllyy inspired by monty python’s the meaning of life. TOTALLY.

  6. Nobody can deny that Ke$ha’s songs are good for clubbing, but on the other hand listening to her when you’re sober is quite an hazard haha
    Tokyo Quadrille

  7. I love this song….keShA is so GREAT!*
    i LOVE your style Brian Boyyy…you are the best, hehe!*

    Visit my blogs! >:-)


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