Jonnie Jenkins aka PhatGayKid

Written By bryanboy

Jonnie Jenkins aka PhatGayKid

I’m in shock. I have no words. Watch this. I need to know what kind of happy pills that guy’s been taking.

“I bet none of you guys can do high notes like that.”


Right. What say you?

Yet another reason why people should practice safe sex.

Just saying.


  1. BJosh

    For Some reason he reminds me of Bobby Trendy. Not the look of course… but the attitude :)

  2. marimusing

    He’s like a schizo combination of Daffyd and Vicky Pollard on Little Britain.

  3. Laveena

    I thought he was nice till he started singing. :) It’s great not to have any inhibitions and put yourself out there, it takes a lot of courage, and I guess you even have to be a mad, a little, but brave effort. :) He doesn’t care what people think, he’s just having fun and that is freeing in a way. He’s young and gay that’s why he’s happy and that’s why we love the gays. Doesn’t being cheerful come more easily to the gays? :)

  4. ooooooh my god!!
    hahahaha!!!he is the king!! and he has family???hahhaha
    Thank you for this laught bryanboy!!! very cool discover!!
    take care!!

  5. This is going to irritate me so much but his laugh and some of his facial expressions remind me of a female actress… I swear it’s a character from Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

  6. lol i think you mean janice from friends, her expressions and mannerisms… priceless, especially that cackle!

  7. Brad P

    Is it just be or does he remind anyone else of Miss Piggy from the Muppets? I think its the laugh and the mmmmhmmmm noises?

  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG! Poor… I think those happy pills are having some serious effects on him!

  9. OMG!! wtf with his laugh? and his facial expressions? hahah i can’t stop laughing. and the brief thing. uhm like yeah sure you can do it.. in your wildest dreams!

  10. DeathByMuni

    It’s unfortunate that all of you think this is so funny. This guy is fake and perpetuating cheap stereotypes for the sake of a laugh or two. It’s shameful.

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