It's All About Russian Navy Cadets

Written By bryanboy

It’s All About Russian Navy Cadets


I made a new friend yesterday.

Russian Navy Cadets

Click click click!

So I was roaming around St. Petersburg yesterday afternoon, lo and behold I came across one of the navy academies.

Russian Navy Cadets

I swear to god, all these navy cadets are coming in and out you’d think it’s one big factory of navy cadets lol.

Ok these are kids…

Russian Navy Cadets

… so let’s move on.

Right across the navy cadet academy is this ship…

Russian Navy Cadets

Alexey joked ‘oh look, it’s a gay resort!’

Russian Navy Cadets

These two guys were manning the entrance to the ship. I asked them if I can go inside just for a few minutes and they said yes!

Russian Navy Cadets

… but before going inside, I might as well do a photo op. Cha-ching!

Russian Navy Cadets

Look at papi chulo in his nautical best.

Russian Navy Cadets

Aurora St. Petersburg

Aurora St. Petersburg

Aurora St. Petersburg

Someone’s tanning…

Russian Navy Cadets

… and some are cleaning the ship.

Russian Navy Cadets

Hey hottie watchu doin?

Russian Navy Cadets

Come here!!!!

Russian Navy Cadets

That’s all.

Mwah mwah.


  1. Roaming around my foot. You knew where it was and was totally scouting it out, weren’t you.

  2. Did noone tell them horizontal stripes are not their friend?

  3. Alden Lagrosa

    They are so hot!! :) I love your blog entries Bryanboy! Pinoy here. :))

  4. jrpatao

    somebody call 911… im having a heart attack here… sooo jealous

  5. Europa Reader

    i don’t find russian (and most eastern european) men, man enough. maybe it’s just me.

  6. So jealous that you got to spend the time with these wonderful men! They are looking great!!

    I’m sure you’re very busy but I’ve got my first trip to Europe approaching (going to Barcelona, London, Paris, Prague, Rome – I’m from Chicago) and if you have any suggestions of fun fashion-esque places to see I would love to hear your opinion. Anything would be appreciated and I totally understand if you’ve got a full plate. Keep me posted at

    Thanks so much! I love your blog and I follow you/your wonderful fashion-full adventures daily! Keep up the great work because you are truly inspiring :-)


  7. muffintop

    Papi chulo? hahahaha looks like a bomb ass day for you bryanboy!

  8. que putita estás hecha Bryan…!!!comiendo nabos todo el dia…perra!!!

  9. Now I see where Thom Browne took a vacay ang got mused up before making his designs fer Moncler….:p

  10. carlos

    Hi bryan
    i think ure so funny and cool
    i’d love to take a picture with that last man
    kisses from brazil

  11. Bryan i love your cardigan! Really nice color! Where did u get it?!
    P.S. I Loooooove ur blog!

  12. if you’re wondering what xa said:

    que putita estás hecha Bryan…!!!comiendo nabos todo el dia…perra!!!

    what a little bitch you’ve become, bryan…!!! eating fools [literally turnips] all day…dog!!!

    i think they meant it lovingly…

  13. kristian

    lovely navy cadets, but..
    Bryan, this is said with your best interest at heart. What is up with the outfit? Its so standard and random. And did you gain weight?
    Fashion never takes a day off!!!

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