Grand Hotel Europe St Petersburg

Written By bryanboy

Grand Hotel Europe St Petersburg

If you have been to St. Petersburg, you’ll know about the bridge
situation. The city is interconnected with many, many bridges and they
shut them down at certain times of the day (or should I say night) to pave way for incoming
ships. What to do after a night out of clubbing while waiting for one of the bridges to open? Well, Alexey, Dima and I popped by the Grand Hotel Europe for tea at 4:30AM. I’ve stayed here many, many years ago and it’s one of St. Petersburg’s oldest and ultra luxurious

Bryanboy at Grand Hotel Europe

Click click click!

Bryanboy at Grand Hotel Europe

Dima inspecting his lemon…

Grand Hotel Europe Lobby Bar

Grand Hotel Europe St Petersburg

Alexey are you tired??

Grand Hotel Europe St Petersburg Russia

Cheburashka! Elena gifted me this cute Russian icon…

Cheburashka at Grand Hotel Europe

Grand Hotel Europe

I hope to stay at the hotel the next time I visit St. Petersburg. :-)


  1. Laveena

    The good life! Don’t mourn over your phone, treasure all your experiences, count your blessings and move on. :)

  2. Alexandra

    Maybe you should let women wear purses….That is a purse! not a “man bag”. You look ridiculous wearing it.

  3. Vanessa

    @Alexandra you’re ridiculous. Someone’s Birkin-jealous!

  4. Hey, Bryan!
    I’m from Russia and I’m so glad of you to be so amazing by Russia. It’s really great.
    I guess, you can feel this misterious russian spirit of life.
    Good luck.

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