Got a Question for Roberto Cavalli?

Written By bryanboy

Got a Question for Roberto CavalIi?

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, who is celebrating forty years in business this year, arrived in Singapore last night via private jet.

Roberto Cavalli

I've been invited to meet him at his suite in our hotel later this afternoon.

Do you have a question for King Roberto? Ask away! I'll pick the 3 best questions and I'll ask him myself when I meet him.

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  1. Dani•Disaster(6)

    Hi BB :D I’ve always loved Cavalli’s edgy-classy style. My question is: How does he manages to design something edgy and flirty without it meaning to be trashy?
    It’s a question I’ve always liked to make. He’s very well known for using animal print and leather, He also made the very first distressed jeans. Yet, his collections are always glamorous and wearable for the everyday lifestlye of the city.
    I hope my question gets picked :)
    Dani -x

  2. Who has he always wanted to dress but has never had the opportunity? Living or dead….?
    (I’d rather ask him if he’s ever compared tans with George Hamilton but I suspect you wouldn’t get an answer LOL)

  3. What does fashion mean to you in today’s time? What I mean by that is there is such a vast amount of people that look to various sources to get a glimpse and understand of what fashion is, whether it be through Vogue or the internet. Yet when one look at Vogue, one sees the fashion but the price tag that comes with it. So what my question boils down to is this, is fashion in your eyes about being able to afford the luxury brands and putting together an aesthetically pleasing ensemble or is it deeper than that?

  4. Maybe I’m not so original, but I just wanna know how Roberto Cavalli was when he was 15, as I am. I’d like to know how a fashion star grew up, how he became who he is now: a legend of fashion.
    I’d like to know that ’cause I’m just a 15 years old girl with 15 thousands of dreams that I want to come true.

    P.s. sorry for my poor English, but I’m Italian!
    And… at last… I love u sooo much, Bryanboy!

  5. What kept him going for all these years? What he did to reinvent himself and his designs over all these years?
    What does Anna Wintour mean to him?
    He’s celebrating forty years. The fashion industry is very competitive and changes every six months/season? What qualities should aspiring young designers have entering the industry?
    In retrospect, what would you have changed over the years?
    Thanks BryanBoy!

  6. would you dearly ask him..
    where does he get his inspirations and would he ever think about opening an affordable teenage clothing line for the sake of us teenage fans w/ limited pocket money?

    P.S : I LOVE YOU !!

  7. what is your most inspirational and iconic time in fashion? btw u inspired me to start a blog :)


    I want to know how he turned something as simple as animal prints into his own iconic image.

  9. Deidre

    Which designer is his least favorite?
    What clothing item does he dislike the most?

  10. hi bryan, you are sooo lucky to meet with him! hope you have fun :) can you ask him for me, where can i still find this amazing ring? its last season but i am D-Y-I-N-G without it! the one in crystal is tooo beautiful. thank you dear!

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