Full Version – Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel [watch now]

Written By bryanboy

Full Version – Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel 

Here’s the full version of Karl Lagerfeld’s new film, Remember Now.



  1. I don´t like it. I doesn´t make any sense and it´s in a very plate way what people expect from the fashion industrie.
    all these models, how they party, the old rich guy and the young carmen, smoking an alcohol. very poor and the worst it is supporting the cliche of people in the fashion business.
    I think that´s sad and not what coco chanel would like but it is very karl.

  2. lowell

    karl, just make clothes pleeeeeease..
    bad , bad,bad.the story just went from here to nowhere(maybe that’s the kind of direction karl wants us to see,lol).
    and what were freja and abbey’s names?jesse and gloria?

    but i love love love the whole cast and the clubbing was hot, .p.s. why is magdalena’s head here too big.i mean we all know it’s big but it’s just big..i don’t know.

  3. k.fabich@gmx.de

    some people should not try to make movies
    and the same people should not try to play act
    eyyyyyyy! one p.ämmmm

  4. this is AMAZING stoned. It’s a midlife mastercrisispiece. I especially like Karl’s cameo. What a babe.

  5. petite

    don’t see the point unless it is really to advertise the clothes…
    it’s a big waste of time.
    no wonder why some people in the industry kill themselves.
    it’s a very superficial business.

  6. Hmmm, not feeling it. Very boring in some parts. The clothes look beautiful in the last scene when everyone falls asleep. But to this day, i would hate to have my chanel smelling like smoke. yuck. I like his references to the past fashion idols but i hope now is not some old man partying it up with very young people.

  7. Said with deep french accent: “Karl..Karl..Karl…” a mi me encantan! thanks bryanboy

  8. la_bacque

    cliche…but what else is expected of Mr Lagerfield?
    Very beautiful, yes, however the entire film is like watching him masturbate…the ecstasy of his own brillance…PASS

  9. Lame if you ask me. Is that all it’s about? Chanel has always had more depth. This meant nothing to me.

  10. Laveena

    I think I just saw the world’s most beautiful people in this video (even the old man is not too shabby). I like the music, apart from that it’s just okay! Fashion designers, except for maybe Tom Ford do not make good filmmakers.

  11. Pauline

    Pointless & self indulgent sorry. Although I’m still loving the clothes.

  12. JustCurious

    What I learned from Karl Lagerfeld- if I am not six feet tall, weigh under a hundred pounds and am not rich or well connected- I might as well drop dead.

    Karl Lagerfeld is a real mascot for the current fashion climate.

  13. See you people don’t understand, its more of an idea than it is a movie. Its an idea or peek at these glamorous, turbulent people and their lives. It doesn’t necessarily need to make sense. This short film reminds me so much of Andy Warhol’s films because they were usually without a plot but they were rather intriguing to watch (if you were into art that is). To me its just a huge mess of pure fabulous!

  14. Bravo! Amazing thank you BryanBoy for keeping the rest of us informed. Karl Lagerfeld did not disappoint, he is the god father of chic, he embodies all the key elements of high fashion; beauty, luxury and fun.
    (I think,Coco Chanel would’ve moved with the times and put an approval stamp on this film.)

  15. How dare you associate Alexander McQueen with this ridiculous self absorbed “film” thought up be an aging fashion mogul trying to keep up with the New Kids on the Block. Lee was one of the most real people in the fashion industry. He could care less about what anyone thought about him or his work. He created for the joy of the creation. His problems had more to do with his inability to see that people actually did love him for who he was. Why don’t you try informing yourself before you open your mouth again and expose your ignorance.

  16. Aside from the photography (which is phenomenal) this is a sad tribute to an aging fashion designer. This is not NOW, Karl, but you always said you couldn’t connect with other PEOPLE.

  17. SO awful. I am horrified. I was digging the trailer. Nobody can act, Baptiste doesn’t look as smouldering on camera and I cringed when that tacky girl said “every calls me coco”.
    What happened to the legendary Chanel brand protection?

  18. what type of player is this? This is way better than vimeo (which is already a step up from youtube, I think)
    thank you Bryanboy, you are simply fabulous. love you. xx

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