From Russia With Love #108,833

Written By bryanboy

From Russia With Love #108,833

I was having a cigarette outside Kolizey where they held the screening of the Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton documentary and a few lovely readers came up to me. After a few moments, I'm like, hold on a second.. you guys are taking pics of me, lemme take pics of you LOL!

It's always a pleasure meeting some of my readers. It doesn't matter where they are in the world — Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Australia, USA, wherever! I'm always thrilled and happy to see people, especially those who follow my little website. I'm very thankful and consider myself very lucky to be able to travel to places and meet those who read my stories or to see what I'm up to. It's such an honor, really.

I love you all!


  1. come to sydney! we would have so much fun taking super cute photos with our (or maybe only yours) super cute clothes.

  2. Oh, Bryan it’s sweet! I am very exiting about your visit to St. Petersburg and I hope we gonna have fun all fashion week long.
    I DJ set was brilliant, but atmosphere at club was not good enough, so i hope I will DJ for as again at the more closed party.

  3. bryan boy! i’m starting to become a fan of yours. at first, i thought you were some snob just like those other fashion savvy people but you’re not. now where do i send my 101 questions for you? haha!

  4. we would totally love to have you in Bucharest, and since you’re in Russia, it’s not that far away :)

  5. Laveena

    Your fans are so cute. ;) Well, you are adorable and we all love you!

  6. Love it and your attitude. It reminds me of Banksy’s “exit through the gift shop” documentary, where in short, a French filmmaker was filming Banksy’s story as a graffiti artists and Banksy than turned the focus of the documentary on the French filmmaker where you watch him evolve into “Mr. Brain Wash”.
    I love your blog and look forward to all of your daily posts.

  7. hey BrainBoy! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!) didnt you?!)))) im from Moscow, but currently living in Toronto. missing my home( by the way, i know about you because i saw you on Russian TV, so you are a star, man!!!!)))
    Love your blog! good luck!

  8. Bryanboy, my idol, you smoke?! How could you? I love you and your blog and your sense of humour but…just…well, at school THEY SAY SMOKING IS BAD. :)

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