DJ Bryanboy?

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DJ Bryanboy?

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I always, always ask myself that question. Life is too short not to try things so when I got invited to guest DJ at an event, I said yes.

I DJed for the first time last night at Bar Begemot. It's funny because I only organized my tracks like an hour before my set in my hotel room. I'm so glad people danced… and some even came up to me after my set.I really had fun. I swear I'm gonna practice more and who knows, maybe I'll DJ at a club haha lol!!

The most important thing I learned: you need 24 tracks per hour of play. Oh and Traktor is my new best friend. Ditto with Dasha who REALLY helped me out. :-)

I'll post my tracklist later…


  1. Hello dear famous Bryan!! We met yesterday, and i wanna to say: you are really really good person and very funny:))

    You the tremendous person!!
    Best regard Nata from L’Officiel

  2. Hi Bryanboy
    Love your blog, please never stop… I am addicted.
    I am going to St. Petersburg in July so if you go to any cool bars/restaurants could you let me know! So jealous, wish I was already there. Hope you are having an amazing time.
    Xx Zoe

  3. Laveena

    I’ve always liked the songs you have shared with us on your blog here, I am not surprised that you did a great Dj’ing job. Bless you. :)

  4. Fernando Cortes

    the playlist please! love you. Come to Mexico soon!

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