Written By bryanboy


I have seen so many cringe-worthy things online over the years but this, oh my good lord, nothing beats this.

What the fuck were they thinking?

What say you?


  1. I remember that advert it’s years old. Weirdly my friend started singing it a while back and we both knew all the words and all the words to the advert that was always on after it so I’m quite sure it scared us. There is a really funny mashup on youtube somewhere where Lil Wayne kicks in screaming all you bitches crawl as the baby pisses on the guys face.

  2. OMG. What IS happening to the world nowadays?
    *roll eyes* toy babies with extendable penis to boot.


    But why would any kid want to have a toy like this?!!
    And why would any parent want to watch a tiny penis stand up and piss in his face?!!!

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