CNN + Elle Magazine Partnership

Written By bryanboy

CNN + Elle Magazine Partnership

I came across THIS fascinating article about loneliness while surfing CNN for my usual dose of current events.

CNN and Elle Magazine

I couldn't help but notice the 'ELLE' logo… it seems that one of the world's biggest news networks is syndicating articles from Elle Magazine.

I thought this 'partnership', whatever you call it, is interesting. Especially in these times when traditional media are fighting tooth and nail to boost their audiences and market share.

In light of this, I'm curious what Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have up their sleeves.


screenshot via CNN


  1. wow i didn’t notice this, but it’s pretty interesting. though i’m afraid some people who are very serious about current affairs and think of fashion as silly will just use this to further discount CNN… i don’t know if the two should be put together, but i sort of like the idea of a central hub of news – including fashion, which people generally look for on seperate sites of fashion magazines and blogs of individuals

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