Bye Bye, Blackberry

Written By bryanboy

Bye Bye, Blackberry

Here we go again. Another city, another item lost. There has to be a logical explanation why I keep on losing items in every city I go to. It just keeps on happening! I really do think I’m cursed. I need to figure out the way to break from this spell.

Here’s a photo of me that Alexey took on his Blackberry. You better WERQ those poses like there’s no such thing as tomorrow.


Remember how I bought a new Blackberry Curve before I left for Russia less than two weeks ago? Well, I’ve left that phone at Yotel in Amsterdam the other day (my 2nd stay there). I’ve contacted them and they’re not being cooperative. They say they couldn’t find it and they’ve alerted their staff.

I checked out at around 12:00/12:30 noon just in time for my 2PM flight. I know I left my phone in my room because I wanted to make a phone call just when I boarded the plane to let my family I’m on my way back but alas, my phone wasn’t in my bag.

So here I am, phone-free once again. It’s like the 1,000th phone I’ve lost this year. I think I’m gonna stay away from cellphones for awhile. This is just ridiculous. I don’t want to pay a couple of hundred dollars just for me to lose it again. And again. And again.

If people want to contact me there’s always email.

It’s kinda sad because I’ve extended my plan contract with my cellphone carrier for 2 years just for me to get a new phone and now the damn thing is gone, I’m like paying for nothing.



  1. What becomes of all of the lost phones out there? And all of the lost designer sunglasses? I think those are the two things people lose the most frequently, but I never find either of these things…who finds them?

  2. Laveena

    Maybe subconsciously you don’t want to be connected to everyone all the time, you want to be free of it, it’s too much! Your soul needs a break, some solitude in between this crazy life. Fashion that keeps changing and has you on the edge of you seat. You just need to be with yourself, yes, some quiet moments. :)

  3. That is alarming. You lose so much stuff compared to my forgetful Mom. You might have so much things in your head all the time.

  4. Haha thank god you found it!

    Its nice to see that you are sensible and didn’t run out to buy a new one right away. I love my BB but damnit if it gets lost, I might have to do without. Why get a new phone for a few hundred when I can go to TopShop and spend my little face off??

  5. That sucks! Maybe just donate one of your Birkin Bag to me :D
    Good deed always help. Hope your will not losing anything anymore Bryan.

  6. SI.BORG

    I thought I was bad as I am on my 3rd Blackberry for the year… Sometimes it is good not have a cell but i think that only lasts for about a week!!

  7. i can’t help but wonder if you’re under any kind of “influence” to always be losing personal items.

  8. (: months back, (last year rather) phone got stolen. it was just renewed a contract. I SO UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL. ughh. and not being able to get a new one (via cheap cheap plan?) sucks.
    hope you enjoyed Blueprint over here in S’pore ;) ;)

  9. marimusing

    Maybe, you don’t want to leave so you keep on leaving part of yourself or maybe you should put a note in your opening screen to say “this belongs to Bryanboy call me” and a cute guy will find you. Hahaha.

  10. Brendon Alexander

    haaaa tell me about it, when traveling a must have is a lil bag that stay’s attached to your body at all times… the risk of looking like a tourist is high but fannypacks are the way to go especialy the cute lil designer one’s that Rihanna wear’s

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