Burberry's Bryan Boy Booties or Bryanboy's Burberry Boots?

Written By bryanboy

Burberry's 'Bryan Boy' Booties or Bryanboy's Burberry Booties?

Remember those stunning fall/winter 2010 Burberry Prorsum boots I've been obsessing ever since I saw them on the runway? Well, I need some high-resolution photos of the boots for a piece I'm
contributing to a magazine the UK. I emailed Burberry, lo and behold I got this link. Click HERE.

Burberry Bryan Boy Booties

"Bryan Boy Booties"????????????

False alarm…. or???

I'm not gonna hold my breath… I think it's just a false alarm.

Assuming it's not, well…


I'm gonna have to think of something to say.

UPDATE – 6:22AM: StyleBubble saved the day! False alarm indeed.


  1. WOW, this is just great! Those boots are chic, just as you are :)
    Congratulations on another designer item named after you. I envy you ;)

  2. if you requested the boot pics maybe its their reference so account name + item requested, seems more likely im afraid….a bit like how model agencies send over model packages

  3. wag tayo masyadong mag “FEELING” Kapatid.
    ok, ill kick that ego one more time..

  4. Alexa

    OMG SAME. When I saw the white fur (on the inside) leather boots on those guys I told myself it’ll be mine the moment it hits stores. I ADORE THEM!

  5. annie

    No worries – there will be booties named after you in no time!!!

  6. Lovely boots!

    However it’s indeed a false alarm.
    The Burberrybrand site is an internal ftp-like site where people who work for the brand put files for others to download and give them access by sending the link.

    We also use the same method in Bottega Veneta.

  7. ay natamaan si bakla. inggitera much? na-hurt ba feelings mo kung sakaling totoo? na-hu-hurt din ba feelings mo tuwing merong good things nangyayari sa akin?

  8. ridiculous

    LOOOOL!!! Inggitera much? Winner! New member ng ampaLaya anonymous!

  9. Richard

    Bitter much kay Bryan Roel?!
    Inggeterang palaka! hahaha!
    Love you B! XD

  10. Laveena

    Congratulation Bryan Boy, this is indeed very flattering. :)

  11. marimusing

    A simple “thank you… i cannot find the words…” in a hand written note is very classy.

  12. Alexa

    THEY ARE OUT! YOU CAN BUY THEM! LUISAVIAROMA.COM! Around 700 Euros, not bad!

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