Bryanboy's Room – St. Regis Hotel Singapore Edition

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Bryanboy's Room – St. Regis Hotel Singapore Edition

I've added a new category called "Bryanboy's Room" on my blog. It's long overdue considering I've been spending a lot of time at airports, hotels and sometimes, airport hotels (yes!!) lately. Now that I have a new camera (how I wish it's a dslr but I can't afford one hu hu hu), I'm gonna take tons of photos of my hotel rooms over the next few months.

St. Regis Singapore Hotel Room

St. Regis Singapore Hotel Bryanboy

With that being said, say hello to the temporary International Global Worldwide Superpower Headquarters of

Click click click!

As previously blogged, St. Regis Singapore was my home for a few days. My very spacious room was gorgeous. What a visual feast!

St. Regis Singapore Hotel room photo

St. Regis Singapore Hotel room pic

St. Regis Singapore Hotel chandelier

When Larry visited my room, he thought my bathroom was as big as the

St. Regis Singapore Hotel bathroom

St. Regis Singapore Hotel

This tub is massive. Massive, I tell you!

St. Regis Singapore Hotel bath tub

As you can see, I'm very, very, very low maintenance. Like fashion, I like a mix of high and low when it comes to toiletries. Creed and Hanae Mori fragrance vs Nivea deodorant. I think you really have no option but to live on disposable, supermarket brands if you live out of your suitcase.

St. Regis Singapore Hotel

My humble closet.

St. Regis Singapore Hotel closet

I have to commend my butler Ann for helping me unpack and organize my closet. She's amazing!

St. Regis Singapore Hotel


St. Regis Singapore Hotel


St. Regis Singapore Hotel

Going back to my work desk…

St. Regis Singapore Hotel

My tools of trade: my trusty Nokia N97 phone, flip mino and moleskine notebooks.

St. Regis Singapore Hotel

Derek Blasberg's new book, Classy, is my bedside read at the moment.

St. Regis Singapore Hotel

I bought these cute pins from a market stall in Kuala Lumpur. I love

St. Regis Singapore Hotel

And there you have it.

It was a pleasure staying at the St. Regis Singapore. I hope to come back again sometime in the future.

Special thanks to my generous sponsors who hooked me up. I wouldn't have been able to stay there without your kind support.


  1. @chicspace

    This is a great post…we get an idea of the wardrobe you bring, your maintenance routine, and the fabulous life you lead!

  2. nope. i dispose toiletries (except for fragrance/toothpaste) because I don’t like risking liquid spills in my luggage.

  3. I’m really loving those brown and white brogues of your’s Bryan! Where are they from?

  4. I love that your posts have A LOT more photos and therefore more content. your blog used to have this much photos/content its good that its returning to some semblance of that.

  5. Laveena

    You lucky boy! You are living a dream. God bless you BB.

  6. I read an article about you in a magazine called # CarasFashion here in Brazil. And I became his fan. I loved you, this is nothing new, all adore you. I’m doing a blog, and sure I’ll talk about you on this blog. “As if you needed.” But what counts is the intention!
    Kisses and success!

  7. angelo nero

    hey, you have bench fix professional clay doh –
    paging kristine lim of suyen corp. please make bryanboy a brand ambassador or at least sponsor his products!

  8. Joan Gonzales

    Hello po!! It’s nice to see u here in Singapore…….

  9. dee soh

    Thanks for gracing our shores with your (may i say) awesome presence! Plus, i just realised we have the same phones in the same colour.

  10. Volos

    Awesome hotel! I love those cute little pins!
    Another thing: I’m new to your blog. I was kinda surprised to see pictures of you smoking! I hope you try to stop smoking but if you don’t want to its ok. I’m just looking out for your health. :D

  11. I’ve stayed at st.Regis s’pore and loved every moments there! Took many similar pictures of the room too! Love your birkin! ;-)

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