Blackberry vs Nokia

Written By bryanboy

Blackberry vs Nokia

As you know, I've lost my phone (yet again, third phone lost this year and it's only May!!!) last week. I'm a Nokia girl by heart but heaps of my friends own a Blackberry.  I bought a cheapy cheapy Curve (it's a free phone; I just had to extend my contract for 2 more years with my phone company blah) a few days ago so I'm not incommunicado to the world.

It's been three days and I can't, for the life of god, access Twitter on the Twitter for Blackberry app. Ubertwitter is the same thing. I'm getting network errors.

Twitter for Blackberry App

Oh and please don't tell me I should've gotten a Bold or whatever is the latest Blackberry unit out there. I've been told that Smart Communications in the Philippines doesn't even
have that phone! I would if I could but no Corazon, shit's not available in the TURD world!  In fact, I had to call people and wait days just to get this Curve. According to them, they've sold out of Blackberry units.

This would NEVER happen to a Nokia phone. I want a Nokia hu hu hu…


  1. You need Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) if you don’t have that activates literally NOTHING works (only calls/SMS).

  2. 1) You should have got the Bold 9700, not the Curve, especially for a heavy user like yourself.. the Bold model has 3G internet, better camera, nice display etc.
    2) The BlackBerry Twitter app is only in BETA so sometimes it gives error messages, but it ususally works if you try again. To get Twitter working, you need to verify if you are connected to the BlackBerry Internet Service.. EDGE or GRPS should be showing on the top right of the screen in upper case. If it’s showing ‘edge’ or ‘gprs’ in lower case, then your network probably hasn’t properly activated BlackBerry services on your account.
    If you’re having BlackBerry problems it sometimes helps to reboot the device by pulling out the battery while it’s still turned on, leaving it a few seconds, replacing it and then turning the power on again. Also, if you have another Twitter app installed you might need to log out of that or remove it, reboot, and then try again with the BlackBerry Twitter app.
    This doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you did (paid?) marketing for Nokia not so long ago does it?!

  3. That would never happen on an iPhone either. I use Echofon and it’s a breeze to use.

  4. Laveena

    Yes the good ol Nokia is not so bad after all, or Samsung or Sony Ericsson for that matter. I think you will eventually figure out how to use twitter from your Blackberry. But honestly, how much can one be in-touch with the world if it means never really having to switch off? I think the good old phone call, email and SMS are enough. One should keep their space and dignity, otherwise the more you talk, the more crap you end up saying and that’s just increasing your karma in a way. Think about it.

  5. I use Twitterific on my iPhone and it works like a charm. I tried using the twitter app when I was still a Blackberry User but it sucked big time. Even the Facebook app doesn’t work on the Blackberry. I suggest, shell out a little more and just buy an iPhone. Globe offers it for prepaid and you get it on 12 months payment or something.

  6. The problem is probably the BIS thing. Phone your network and tel those hoes to sort it out! xxx

  7. angelia

    yup! i get the same thing on my blackberry curve — surfing the web only works on wifi. but the apps – you need blackberry service to activate.

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