Blackberry vs Nokia

As you know, I've lost my phone (yet again, third phone lost this year and it's only May!!!) last week. I'm a Nokia girl by heart but heaps of my friends own a Blackberry.  I bought a cheapy cheapy Curve (it's a free phone; I just had to extend my contract for 2 more years with my phone company blah) a few days ago so I'm not incommunicado to the world.

It's been three days and I can't, for the life of god, access Twitter on the Twitter for Blackberry app. Ubertwitter is the same thing. I'm getting network errors.

Twitter for Blackberry App

Oh and please don't tell me I should've gotten a Bold or whatever is the latest Blackberry unit out there. I've been told that Smart Communications in the Philippines doesn't even
have that phone! I would if I could but no Corazon, shit's not available in the TURD world!  In fact, I had to call people and wait days just to get this Curve. According to them, they've sold out of Blackberry units.

This would NEVER happen to a Nokia phone. I want a Nokia hu hu hu…