Amsterdam Schiphol Airport CLOSED Due to Ash Cloud

Written By bryanboy

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport CLOSED Due to Ash Cloud

My worst nightmare came true.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is closed today, Monday, from 6AM until 2PM.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Closed due to Ash Cloud

I have a flight that should leave later today. My flight hasn't been canceled, yet, as of the time I posted this entry.

I have my fingers, legs and my nutsack crossed. I need to go to my next destination!


  1. Polina

    Oooooh! I hope everything is going to be ok! Saint-Petersburg is waiting for you with the best possible for the season weather and clear sky (for the nice flight). GOOD LUCK! X X (fingers crossed)

  2. Amsterdam West

    Just take the train back to the city center and have a manicure at Soap treatment to sit the wait out. There’s NOTHING at the airport for you.

  3. I’m in Amsterdam too! Where are you at today?? I wanna come visittt

  4. So what are you doing today? Waiting for your flight in the hotel? Come to the city of Amsterdam Bryan! Have some fun with you Dutch followers :P lol I’ll be there later this afternoon with a friend. Maybe we can find you some Dutch hotties

  5. Poor you! Good luck with this. Schiphol is not the best place in the world to be stuck but at least you are not in Europe’s two nightmare airports: Heathrow and Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle.

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