Wikileaks' Collateral Murder

Written By bryanboy

Wikileaks’ Collateral Murder

This is just foul.

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I can’t believe US military killed a Reuters photojournalist because they thought his camera was an armed weapon.

I can’t believe US military shot people who tried to rescue other people.

I can’t believe US military opened fire on a van with children inside.

If you watch the full video, there’s this guy who simply could not wait to shoot, asking questions like “Can I shoot?” and “Come on, let us shoot!” in spite of the fact that their targets were picking up wounded bodies. That made me really sick to my stomach.

I wonder if these soldiers… I dunno how to describe them, murderers (?), are able to sleep at night knowing the amount of human lives they took….

Is everything fair in love and war? Unbelievable.


  1. Makes you so fucking sick. Unbelievable. They are trained to think of it as a computer game. No logic just fun. Sick.

  2. If this is true, this is so tragic it is beyond words. If this is not true (as some have suggested), it is worth remembering that journalists & photographers are killed in many countries, warzones. The ONG Reporters Sans Frontières ( is the voice of those journalists and works to promote freedom of journalism. I know fashion journalists are seldom emprisoned or killed, but RSF’s cause, the freedom of press, is a worthy one.

  3. my jaw just dropped and it send shivers to my spine knowing this is not one of those movies. DEAR GOD, help so so sad.

  4. oh, i saw this on tv last night but i didnt know what was goin on..
    i simply hv no words for this.. im just dusgusted at these shooters!!

  5. Cheyne

    Typical American military? Don’t get biased, it’s just military in general. This is why pacifism rules my life. War is so pointless. People are not good to one another.

  6. That’s so scary and sad…is that what’s known as collateral damage? Sick!

  7. Back then during the war, my old friend Kaveh Golestan was reporting for BBC in Iraq (unfortunately he was killed in Erbil/Iraqi Kurdistan at last days of war), through him and other friends involved, I was hearing chilling news of murders and other crimes by American troops and sometimes British too. And when I was discussing them to general ppl and online forums, I was constantly attacked, even threatened and accused of trying to make American Heros look bad, after all they were all there to save the Iraqi ppl from Saddam (using nuclear warheads in civilian areas, and shooting anything that came to move regardless), oh yes, and oil+ an strategical spot right next to Iran and Afghanistan was really not that important to be taken seriously as reasons for illegitimate invasion. I hate American ppl for being such fools to buy such bullshit. They say Idiots born one every minute, just look at what they can do those idiots. Shame.

  8. They sound like they don’t even care. They just want to “keep shoot’n”
    This is just so wrong.

  9. I am sure this happens more than we know. I wish young, inexperienced, uneducated YOUNG men weren’t given weapons. Can you imagine what they must go through in a far away land with a gun and raging hormones and terror and missing Mom and youth slipping away. I don’t condone their actions. I don’t condone the people who sent them there either.

  10. lorenzo

    last time I checked this was a FASHION BLOG.
    U want some outrage? There are worse things than this happening out there in the world, for example:
    “There is a famine of beauty!”……André Leon Talley

    oh, yea, and what about the Congo……….focus people, focus on fashion.

  11. They are also doing this to protect themselves and their comrades. Do you think their enemy also hesitates to fire at them when they are wounded?

  12. i was just saying. i thought I made it pretty clear with “(and most guys)”, hence the word cocky and ignorant. I hate war, especially when it is done by those people who are pretending as if they were the ones who save the world.

  13. and this is only ONE video that leaked! how disturbing is that?! to me the shooters felt like they were in a videogame with no track of reality whatsoever! is that the present/future of war? what a loss for humanity and empathy

  14. That is just so disturbingly wrong. Those people didn’t even look armed. They just shoot them :( for what reason? I don’t understand this at all. And I don’t think they’d be able to sleep at night. I don’t think I’d be able to sleep after watching that. That is just sick.

  15. that is just sick.
    i was scared when i saw how they treat a human life.
    those guys are murderers and nothing else.
    how is it possible that today, in 2010 (!), people/KIDS are shot down!?!
    didn´t we learn in the past?

  16. This is sick, but these soldiers are not bad people. Psych 101, fundamental attribution error: we blame the people, not the situation. If you were shipped off to war at 17 or 18, and have thus spent the past few years of your life fighting in a situation where a good portion of the time it is life or death, what would you do?
    War is tragic. War changes people. This is what happens when death and tragedy are people’s lives.

  17. WTF??? Sick, soooo disgusting, disturbing, unbelievable, I am so sadden by this video I am copying the link and send it to all my contacts list so that they can see what their fucking government (Go OBAMA!!) is doing around the world. Sick.

  18. also read and listen to david icke (some stuff is hard to believe :/ but as he says, take from it what you want) and alex jones.

  19. Nathaniel

    I could only watch the first few minutes of the helicopter footage. I think I would’ve vomited if I had continued. This is barbaric behavior and their nonchalant attitude towards their actions is very disconcerting. These monsters will eventually return to society once this war is over and it’s very likely that they will still harbor this type of mind-set. The consequent repercussions of this I just can’t imagine.
    R.I.P. to all the innocent civilians killed in that video.

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