Urban Outfitters $5 SALE

Written By bryanboy

Urban Outfitters $5 SALE

I've just received this mailer from Urban Outfitters. They have a $5 last chance sale going on — online only.

Urban Outfitters Sale

Run my dearest minions, run! Click HERE to shop the sale.


  1. god, just found out about you (omahgawd! Do I live under a non-bloggety rock surrounded by aberzombies? yeah, sort of…)
    2 syllables-HI-LARIOUS. I LURV YOU.
    If I may, I would like to apply to being a member of Bryan Boy’s minions, please.

  2. gee whiz, just found out about your blog, and I have figured out what has been missing from my life.
    (because I’ve been living under a rock. A very unfashionable rock.)
    your blog. is. (hint: 2 syllables)…Hilarious.
    Please sign me up to become a Bryan Boy minion.

  3. I’m not sure, either my comments aren’t showing up or I have screwy internet. my apologies if i’m being repetetive.

  4. Guess What?
    I’m not a robot!
    Never mind I’m running anyway.
    I got the best coke-bottle red glasses there and I want more!!!
    You and Marina and the Diamonds have changed my life forever.
    Though some are a little tired of hearing me shout out “Guess What! I am not a robot” continually…
    c’est la vie

  5. I ended up in a UNIQLO sale last night where the goodie bags were worth double the £14.99 I spend on a hoodie… sales are my favourite.

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