Third of May or May 3? That's the £64.64 Question [hh + bb video]

Written By bryanboy

Third of May or May 3?

Listen to these traveling queens speak to one another. Nails on the chalkboard much? Hahaha ;-) Henry’s adorable!

HH and me are here at the Lion City. We flipped (that term is soo wrong and dirty, like ‘versatile’) each other on our way from the airport to our hotel.

See you guys during Audi Fashion Festival?


  1. bryana and henry sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! you’re so into him! crush mo siya no teh?

  2. thanks for taking a photo with me today at the ktz show! and no i did not grab your face:)

  3. Laveena

    Bryanboy, how come you have an American accent? Or you talk like an American? (Not cool!) I thought you were Filipino, or are you Filipino American?

  4. i dunno, but you sound a bit resentful coming from the third world. the success, i bet taste sweeter knowing that you come from the philippines and now strutting your skinny bum everywhere there is fashion.

  5. Gabandi

    “Am sorrie am soo third world ” LOOOOOOL i love it :P
    ur awsome, would like to get to know you more!!!!

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