These Timberland Boots Are Made For Walking…

Written By bryanboy

These Timberland Boots Are Made For Walking…

I’m packing my bags for my next destination…

Timberland Boots

… can you guess where?

Africa? South America? North America? Middle East? Asia? Europe?

Stay tuned!


  1. South America!!!!!!!!Luck you.Love the black boots..looks heavy but i know u can werq it. Fill us in!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jealousy. Take us with you please. Looking forward to the no doubt stellar posts/photos/insights you’ll give us. You’ve been pretty good at them so far!
    Enjoy and keep up the lovely work!

  3. I know, I think it would be somewhere that starts with M and ends with A… hahahhahahhaha.. Thank you so much and I heard that you are the most down to earth person…

  4. satcha mitchell

    where did you get those fabulous Timberland shoes?

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