The Price of Divorce

Written By bryanboy

The Price of Divorce

I saw this poster while walking around the Lower East Side earlier. 

price of divorce in New York city

I thought it was hilarious and sad at the same time. Can you imagine spending $200,000 on your dream wedding (and that doesn't include your Dior haute couture gown) only to get divorced for as low as $399, err, $734 including court fees? Yep, it's that easy!

Meanwhile, millions of gays around the world are fighting tooth and nail for the right to marry their beloved partners.

What a crazy, cray cray world we live in.



    agree bb! sometimes straight people take marriage way too lightly

  2. More than the price of divorce, it’s the money that people spend on weddings that stun me and how seriously they take the whole business – it has become a business rather than a private / family / friends event, now. It’s of course more shocking when you think 1/3 to 1/2 of those weddings are likely to end up in… divorce!

  3. So sad,
    This is nearly enough to make me cry. Something straight ppl take for granted is the same thing I have been fighting for. Legal (rights) acknowlegement of the love between me and my boyfriend or “lifepartner” perhaps I’m being too deep about this one…or maybe not. Either way its painful to see this one thing we’re unable to have toyed with in front of our faces. Thank you for posting this #bb

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