Super Power Twitter Twins Activate

Written By bryanboy

Super Power Twitter Twins Activate

Henry Holland and I have been tweeting a storm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the past few days. We're both here for the launch of MUSA, a multi-label concept store. 

Bryanboy and Henry Holland

Agyness Deyn's tweet made my night yesterday.

Agyness Deyn twitter

I know I'm totally backblogged but I don't have wi-fi in my room (25th floor) and my internet access is very, very limited. My apologies for all the delays — blogs, emails, etc.


  1. For better or worse, you have become Bryantwitterboy… I hope you are enjoying KL. I have rather good memories but last time I was there France was World Champion in football:* a long time ago!
    * For some reason, I sense I should not be asking you for your thoughts about the forthcoming worldcup or whether you will be there.

  2. omg……im ur fan from malaysia!!!!im staying in kuala lumpur…..i dont even know u here….omg omg omg…..i hope i get the chance to meet u….i envy and love u so much..and never get the chance to be stylish as u

  3. Deborah Lee

    Zomg, BryanBoy and Henry Holland in KL? I totally missed you guys at Avenue K *kicks herself for that stupidity*
    – Deborah Lee, Fashion Writer, female Magazine Malaysia

  4. i have noticed you and henry starting to tweet like crazy… and agyness does have a point. but any who i love that you tweet but id just like to say im new to blogging and i have only just started a blog inspired by you and tavi gevinson it is if you want to click, i have no idea how to get readers cause im my only follower so far :( but take a look :) its fashion related but i talk about music and style and stuff too so ill leave it there… a bid you a due. :)

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