Stéphanie Sokolinski Soko – I'll Kill Her

Written By bryanboy

Stéphanie Sokolinski aka Soko – I’ll Kill Her

Damn. “If I find her I swear, I swear I’ll kill her. I’ll kill her” sounds soo chic in a French accent.

I know this is such an old song but damn, I’ve only heard of Stéphanie Sokolinski aka Soko yesterday and I’m in love with her voice.

Soko Stéphanie Sokolinski

Just sayin.


  1. She’s so goddam friggi’n AMAZEBALLS, saw her in Paris a while ago, girl made my panties drop, HAHAHA!

  2. If you look up Soko on the net, you’d know that she kinda abandoned the whole music scene.
    She thought it was kinda scary or something along the line of that.
    Too bad really, coz she’s really talented.

  3. Hannah

    I’ll kill her has been on my ipod for like two years, since it was played at Stella McCartney a trillino eyars ago (Spring Sumemr 2008 or 9) anyways don’t really remember which season, STella mccartney is the same every seaSON FOR ME. Minimalism slightly monotonous anyone?

  4. so old!
    Soko has quit singing though couple years ago…she said She was scared of the greediness of the music industry, or something like that

  5. ohhhh she sounds like any french girl haha and it is very old, she’s also a bad actress haha

  6. i have been OBSESSED with this song lately! never seen the video, or that live version. LOVE IT!

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