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After being 'on the road' (or should I say 'flying the very bumpy but friendly skies) for twenty-plus hours, the first thing I did was a quick stroll at NYC's Central Park.

New York Central Park

That's right. While most people would take a shower and sleep, I thought a nice little Springtime afternoon visit to the park with friends was the best way to energize my soul. It's soo beautiful here!

How funny. People no longer tell me "welcome back" upon hearing the news I'm in the city.

Instead, they just tell me "welcome home."


  1. Congrats for that, I wish NY was my home or adoptive home too, and I wish I could get it through the same way you did…through fashion.
    Anyway congrats…you really deserve it.

  2. OOOhhh God, I’m so new at this commenting stuff, anyway, how wonderful for you being in NY, I wish I was there too, and I wish I could to that the same you did, through fashion.
    Lots of hugs

  3. anjacastaneda@yahoo.com

    ‘Instead, they just tell me “welcome home.”‘…
    So what are we to make of this? That you now consider yourself a New Yorker and not anymore of and from the third world (a term you often use)?
    Anyway, everyone is from somewhere in NYC…

  4. you almost look hetero!!!!!!!!!looking good!!!not that u didn’t look food b4 but this is definitely a change and a beautiful change at that. post more bb!

  5. o God how i miss you blogs.did you know your site is blocked here in the UAE and i still want to figure why?tnx for this software i can now finally follow you again..and free porn.lol.
    question no. 1?
    where did you get that first released l’incognito?i have been looking for that eversince. i so love that because it’s more angular and wider than the one i have.

  6. Vincent

    Hey Bryan! have you heard of Oprah’s protege Charice? I just found out she’s filipino too – like you! what an amazing talent. She’s also here in NYC now promote her single Pyramid with Iyaz. Check her out if you haven’t already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGPG91x5eMY
    I’d love to know what you think of her.

  7. I have those glasses too! You look lovely in them and have fun in New York! Make sure you hold on to that Chanel this time ;)

  8. vincent

    Hey Bryan! have u met ur fellow filipino – Charice. She is in New York promoting her album. Amazing singer!

  9. MON DIEU!!!
    I did not know!!
    Don’t forget to eat a Sabrett while yr here…
    The guys outside The iPod…now iPad bulding are particularly fun…

  10. the comment every fashionista doesn’t want to hear..

    you gain weight….
    have you been eating lately?

  11. BB looking fab ;) you kinda look like A Wang here :)have a great trip love!

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