Showing Off Elmo

Written By bryanboy

Showing Off Elmo

Henry Holland and I bought this ENORMOUS double-sided Elmo bag at one of our shopping trips here in KL. One side is red and the other side is blue. It’s hilarious!

Bryanboy and Henry Holland

He also bought one of those mini polaroid camera things so we started snapping each other.Remember that massive lighter I got during Christmas? There’s tons of em here!

Bryanboy and Henry Holland

After dinner last night…

Henry Holland: stop jittering!

(10 seconds later)

Me: stop chewing your nails!

(5 seconds later)

Henry Holland: God, we’re like a married couple.



  1. Oh wow you’re so cute. And that’s Cookie Monster on the other side, the blue one.

  2. Polaroids! Anything that attempts at vintage’s always appealing. A Lino Brocka film and any bisaya short films on youtube or just any good movie that Jessica Zafra might like, are usually better when it’s got this kind of feel. Nice shots.

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