self service 32: malgosia bela & carmen kass

Written By bryanboy

self service 32: malgosia & carmen kass

Remember that polaroid shoot I did in Paris last October? The same shoot with the electrifying Giovanna Battaglia? Well, the latest issue of self service is out. Malgosia Bela and Carmen Kass are both on the cover.

self service 32 featuring malgosia bela and carmen kass

Looks like I’m gonna troll the internet to see if I can buy this issue online because it’s not available in the Philippines. Boo.

The $64 million question is, do you guys think me and the amazing Tommy Ton (Jak and Jil) would make a great sticky rice gaysian power couple? Hahaha ;-)

self service magazine tommy ton, bryanboy

Lastly, self service magazine just launched their new blog. Visit


  1. Why does Malgosia remind me of Princess Caroline circa 1980’s on this cover?

  2. You´re right Adrie! Malgosia looks like a younger Caroline of Monaco!I´d rather buy the Kass cover…

  3. Malgosia is my all time favorite model.
    Return email to me about getting hold of a copy, should cost around £20 in UK and shipping would be about another £20 since the mag weighs in at 1.8KG. OR try

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