Miu Miu Large Sequined Leather Tote Bag

Written By bryanboy

Miu Miu Large Sequined Leather Tote Bag

It's Sunday night and I'm here on my bed, window shopping away. I don't know about you but the shopaholic in me likes to pretend I'm buying things by adding items in a virtual shopping cart… and then closing the browser window (without buying, of course) once I get my fix. Y'all should try it sometime. It makes great exercise and it doesn't cost a single cent.

Anyway, I need this sequined Miu Miu tote bag to come into my life.

Miu Miu Bag

Miu Miu Sequined Leather Tote Bag

I saw it in real life when I went to the Miu Miu store in Milan last month and that bag is to-die-for.

photo credit: net-a-porter


  1. Fernanda

    I understand what you do because that is exactly what I do myself, virtually shop, but in case of this miu miu bag, I had it in my virtual cart in net-a-porter for a week, until I decided to get it, and when I did, it was sold out. I almost cried, and I think I did, until i found it in mytheresa.com Their service is fantastic and I think it was even cheaper than net-a-porter. You deserve it, go and get it!!!

  2. I do that virtual shoppong tease with Asos, and Amazon. There are so many great books that I can fill my already overpacked bookcase with. Really its their own fault they shouldn’t have a save for later option at the basket.

  3. Charlotte

    OMG I WANT THAT BAG!!! It’s gorgeous!
    Then again so are most items from Mui Mui. I am also guilty of virtual shopping – I also have a habit of picking up loads of clothes I like, trying them on and then not buying them just coz i cant afford them :) its nice to look like you can though.

  4. OMG I WANT THAT BAG!!! Its gorgeous!
    I am a guilty virtual shopper :) – I also have a habit of going into shops, picking up loads of clothes I like, trying them on , but nto buying even if they fit because I cant afford them :D – Its nice to look like you can though.

  5. Please tell me the difference between that bag and the Mulberry Alexa?

  6. HAHA I’m the same..spending hours accumulating various carts on various websites. Although recently I went one step further and actually purchased some stupid hairclip on ebay for 3 quid but keep telling myself if I don’t pay for it, it’s not real.

  7. Great idea!
    I’m kindy crazy about buying things and returning them right now – not having “really” worn them (outdoor).
    It’s kinda satisfactory in a way…

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