Malcolm McLaren, Dead at 64 from Cancer

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Malcolm McLaren, Dead at 64

What a very sad day. I don’t like receiving news like this so early in the morning. Another iconic British figure bites the dust. The amazing Malcolm McLaren passed away yesterday in Switzerland. He was 64.

Malcolm McLaren, dead at 64

Malcolm McLaren, an impresario, recording artist and fashion designer who as manager of the Sex Pistols played a decisive role in creating the British punk movement, died on Thursday in Switzerland. He was 64.

The cause was mesothelioma, a cancer of the linings around organs, said Young Kim, his companion of many years. She said he had been under treatment at a Swiss hospital. The couple had a home in Paris. — NY Times

While most will remember him as the Sex Pistol’s former manager or Vivienne Westwood’s ex-husband, I’ll forever remember him as an amazing artist. I always play his (very emotional, mind you) songs every time I need a jolt of inspiration. He’s one of the reasons why I love Paris so much.

Listen to La Main Parisienne or else I’m terminating our friendship STAT!

From Madame Butterfly to Deep in Vogue, as a tribute, let me share to you some of my other favourite tracks.

Paris is Jazz

Deep in Vogue

Madame Butterfly

Something’s Jumpin in Your Shirt

All I can say is… they took him too soon.

I’ll be watching you… watching me… watching you.

RIP Malcolm.


  1. Michael H

    That’s a really nice tribute. I remember him both as the Pistols’ manager and then being one of the reasons I became interested in opera. A proper English eccentric.

  2. Malcolm and Vivienne were never married. They shared a son together, Joseph Corre (who owns Agent Provocateur with his wife).

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