Jake Gyllenhaal for GQ Magazine May 2010 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Jake Gyllenhaal for GQ Magazine May 2010

How handsome is Jake Gyllenhaal? Jake is on the cover of the May 2010 issue of GQ Magazine. So hot, this man.

Jake Gyllenhaal for GQ Magazine Cover May 2010 issue

I must say he kinda looks like a younger version of George Clooney. Agree or disagree?

1-800-RUGGED-AMERICAN-MAN is dat chu? I need myself one of these…


  1. Abdullah

    Totally AGREE!! BTW i love u work! and would like to get to know you :D

  2. Christina K.

    yes! i would totally have to agree with you here. i definitely can see a younger george clooney. although, nobody can really top george clooney (i love him!).

  3. I can see the clever Clooneyism for sure. It’s the dark rimmed eyes, slight upward angle glance and the near open mouth that is doing it. Plus the morning after beard.

  4. Definite Clooneyism going on here. Dark rimmed eyes, set at a slight upward angle, with near open mouth and morning after beard. Looks like he needs a Nespresso

  5. Uhm… maybe… kind of… He looks much better than George after lifting… dont you think so?
    Fad Fix

  6. Elizabeth

    wow, really think so. AT first, before i read the text i thought it was him.

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