It's All About The Print (Peter Jensen)

Written By bryanboy

It's All About The Print (Peter Jensen)

I know fashion is heralding the return of "minimalism" these days, thanks to the new guard of Chloe, Stella McCartney and of course, the critically-acclaimed Celine. However, I feel like going against the grain this year by infusing more prints and colour to my wardrobe. I'm not even sure if looking "easy, breezy, effortless gurl" suits me either.

Peter Jensen Spring Summer 2010

I saw this striking pair of trousers from Peter Jensen's
spring/summer 2010 collection where he collaborated with artist Laurie
Simmons. I thought these are cute so I wore it to a dinner a few days

Bryanboy + Peter Jensen

Avel Bacudio jacket, Vince top, Peter Jensen trousers, Uniqlo
belt, Mawi London necklace, Cole Haan shoes and a very, very, very tired BB

Cute eh?

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  1. Toto Pederso

    Alexandra, you said it well: Ridiculous pants on a guy! Oh, baby BB, I hope you are well after wearing those pants!

  2. Cute! No, I don’t think those Jensen slacks are cute… I think they just fa-tas-tic! Congrats, and keep on with your blog (By the way: I’ve been your faithful reader for several years now, and I miss the times when you posted pics of yourself more often: you’ve grown a bit older and way more interesting and handsome, if you don’t mind my saying so!)

  3. Not gonna lie… I’ve been searching everywhere for that exact pair of trousers. You own them, have posted a photo of them, and have thus proven they look better on skinny men than on skinny women.

  4. I think the trousers are gorgeous, especially paired with that Bacudio Jacket and Mawi neckpiece! I love the volume on bottom and the sleek on top. You look fab-u-lous!


  5. Good one BB the trousers are righteous, and ps I think your more the reason your blog is read and second is the fashion, whens the BB book coming out? haha.

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