Handbag Fight

Written By bryanboy

Handbag Fight

This little gem of a video brought a smile to my face.

What say you?

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m currently tweaking a few things here and there on my little humble online abode. I’ve also added a new section to the right called “Peek Into My World”. That’s where I’ll post video clips I took. Videos are displayed randomly every time you view a page so keep an eye out for videos I haven’t shared before. I’m also working on a way where you can purchase 125×125 button advertising on my site. It should be up and running later today.

I love you all, as always. Happy easter!


  1. Steven L. Kidder

    Bhaha!!!! This made my day!!! I literally just woke up my mother, but it was so worth it!!!!

  2. ttirremerritt

    The fight was about, which bag Bryan will buy from. They keep saying my bag is better than your BITCH….

  3. LMAO!!! I wonder when they really stop hitting each other. A hot mess, funny as heck though

  4. James McVeigh

    Hilarious! There is a very funny bitch fight between an old husband and wife pair outside a hospital. You probably can’t understand the thick Croydon accent.
    But this woman calls her husband a pussy-clart and you pissed yo f***in self.

  5. Oh my god, for a moment I couldn’t believe these were two old typical Russian babushkas! What a furious fight and the amount of swear words Ive heard in just one minute was unbelievable!

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