Eva Longoria is Giving Away Crocodile Handbags [bull-alert]

Written By bryanboy

Eva Longoria is Giving Away Crocodile Handbags

Whatever happened to truth in advertising? Is Eva Longoria seriously giving away crocodile handbags when you buy her new fragrance, Eva by Eva Longoria?

If you look at her current ad, she's giving away a 'stylish croc handbag' as a gift when you purchase her $58 3.4 fl oz Eau de Parfum spray.

Eva by Eva Longoria

Woman, I'm calling you out! Crocodile handbag or mock-croc PVC made-in-china pleatherette handbag?

Just sayin'


  1. Considering that Salvatore Ferragamo croc luggage goes for 28k EUROS on Luisaviaroma, I strongly doubt she’s going to give away a “few” of them. Of course it’s fake. In China, everything can happen.

  2. LOL…Bryan you are too funny and mean at the same time but so true…she might have done some illegal transhipment on the thing

  3. let’s not catch people on their wording shall we?
    she never said crocodile handbags its just in the style of a crocodile handbag….geez

  4. Chinese PVC , as you said babe. She should be ashamed for false advertising. Low class little woman… lol
    I bet you the perfume stinks like other commercial stinking perfumes too. Soon you will find it in duty free perfume section, in cheap airports.

  5. hey bryanboy, you have a whole colour page on your interview in the local papers (The Star) today! (:

  6. If it’s a stylish croc handbag… and it’s made of pleather… yes, i would say it is most definitely fake.
    maybe she should give away hand bags with her picture on them?

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