Bryanboy World DominationElection Season

It's election season here in the third world.

Over the past few weeks, I've been approached by people on behalf of several politicians running for seats. Most want me to write about them, some want my endorsement while some wanted to advertise on my site. I've refused ALL of these requests.

I find it comical how some of these candidates have budgets to advertise online (and on my humble web site) DURING election season but once they're elected, they suddenly "do not have funds" to give out to serve their constituents…

I may be broke but there's no way I'm touching their tainted money,
thanks very much. I couldn't help but wonder where that money came from. Donations from supporters? Public funds that should've gone to civil projects? Taxes that I and other taxpayers have paid? Hmmm… although I like the idea of the taxes I've paid being (indirectly)
returned to me, there's something not right. Give it to the (even lesser) unfortunate, please.

I just don't like the idea of me endorsing political candidates, you know?

I'd be extremely wary of people publicly endorsing  politicians. I'm sure many out there endorse someone due to vested PERSONAL interests. For instance, ask yourself this — do you really want to vote for someone who PAID people like celebrities to encourage YOU to vote?

Vote for policies people, not personality!

Also, nothing irks me more than people who ask who I'm voting for. Instead of giving an answer, I always challenge them — why do you
want to know? The usual response I get is a pathetic "because I'm voting for who you're voting for."

If only it weren't a crime to wring someone's neck until they choke…I swear to god, some should reaaallly be stripped off with their voting powers…

I simply cannot tolerate stupid idiots who cannot think for themselves, you know? Why would you vote for someone just because another person is voting for them?

Anyway, voting is a personal choice and a personal decision. Vote the candidate that you and nothing but you believe in.

Vote wisely.