Election Season

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Bryanboy World DominationElection Season

It's election season here in the third world.

Over the past few weeks, I've been approached by people on behalf of several politicians running for seats. Most want me to write about them, some want my endorsement while some wanted to advertise on my site. I've refused ALL of these requests.

I find it comical how some of these candidates have budgets to advertise online (and on my humble web site) DURING election season but once they're elected, they suddenly "do not have funds" to give out to serve their constituents…

I may be broke but there's no way I'm touching their tainted money,
thanks very much. I couldn't help but wonder where that money came from. Donations from supporters? Public funds that should've gone to civil projects? Taxes that I and other taxpayers have paid? Hmmm… although I like the idea of the taxes I've paid being (indirectly)
returned to me, there's something not right. Give it to the (even lesser) unfortunate, please.

I just don't like the idea of me endorsing political candidates, you know?

I'd be extremely wary of people publicly endorsing  politicians. I'm sure many out there endorse someone due to vested PERSONAL interests. For instance, ask yourself this — do you really want to vote for someone who PAID people like celebrities to encourage YOU to vote?

Vote for policies people, not personality!

Also, nothing irks me more than people who ask who I'm voting for. Instead of giving an answer, I always challenge them — why do you
want to know? The usual response I get is a pathetic "because I'm voting for who you're voting for."

If only it weren't a crime to wring someone's neck until they choke…I swear to god, some should reaaallly be stripped off with their voting powers…

I simply cannot tolerate stupid idiots who cannot think for themselves, you know? Why would you vote for someone just because another person is voting for them?

Anyway, voting is a personal choice and a personal decision. Vote the candidate that you and nothing but you believe in.

Vote wisely.


  1. I certainly agree. after 3 years of absence from the philippines and coming back recently I had a first hand experience of how corrupt our country is and it saddens me.

  2. why would anyone ask you for political advice. it truly makes my laugh!!! stick to writing about fashion.

  3. you said it perfectly! you should only vote for who you believe in, not for who everyone else is voting for :)

  4. Very well said! Paano uunlad ang mahal nating Pilipinas kung boboto tayo dahil siya ay Artista, Sikat, Mayaman, etc. Sana talaga magbago na ang Pinas.
    I am thankful that you’re not one of those people who “gets paid” by corrupted money.
    Fashion and Politics should always remain a separate entity just like Church and the state, but unlike in our turd world country i don’t think they remain inviolable. Although, i always like people who dress well or fashionable esp politicians. So anyway, Salamat and Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  5. I think you are very wise for not giving out any endorsements or recommendations. While you are a style icon and many people look up to you (myself included), I find it so important for us to do our own research and form our own opinions when it comes to politics and shaping our government.
    Cheers from Seattle, BryanBoy!
    Emerald Dandy

  6. PREACH IT! AMEN! very well said bryan boy. if most of us filipinos think the way you do, this country could have been a better place… it hurts to to say but many of us are idiots… i didnt even know theres actually a person who wud vote a candidate bcoz he/she is ur choice as well. scary but true!

  7. ethanINOSENTE

    Nicely done, I never thought a fashion blog would ever touch this type of topic.
    I totally agree with you about people (idiotic type) saying that they’ll vote the person that their idol would vote, same also to the “Vote for policies people, not personality!”

    I really have nothing to add cause you already summarized it all for us, I just want to thank you brianboy for making this blog. I was really impressed about the topic.

  8. ethanINOSENTE

    its like you have read most of the people(open minded type) mind

  9. Yes yes. I’m voting for whoever I think is right.
    Someone who has proven himself motivated to work and help the country. Not just because he speaks good but because he has really worked hard enough to prove himself.

  10. It looks like the nasty party aka the conservatives are going to take power in the U.K. because of the idiocy of people nowadays. I’m OK with celebrity culture but when what the candidate is wearing is more important than their policies it becomes obvious there is no hope in the world anymore.

  11. Polirics is nasty and you may in the long run it may affect your image with a particular candidate.
    Stand by your position and be heard.

  12. Thank you for THINKING about this…. rather than just taking the money. Truly appreciated.

  13. good Lord BB! You said it right! b*tches voting for the popular ones should be stripped of their voting powers, like right now! right now i’d like to skewer them with a pair of stilettos. Lord I’m sure you’re listening, please tell these people to think for themselves ’cause they’re ruining me and other people’s future. please and thank you.

  14. well said!! its the election here in the uk, too. and it istn an option to vote for personality, b/c none of the candidates have any :(

  15. Good on ya! I want a shirt that says ‘If Bryanboy votes, you should too’then on the back ‘Just don’t ask him who!’

  16. Christine

    thank you bryan boy. thanks for not caving in. our third world country does not need any more self serving political endorsers.
    it’s not the people’s fault to be idiots though, when it comes to voting. it’s the government’s fault that these voters are illiterate, uneducated, half educated, poor, and can’t think for themselves.
    by keeping these people idiots and “in the dark”, they wield their power, control, and influence over them. it’s sad isn’t it? it’s purposely done.. strategic but manipulative on their part.
    that’s why during elections, you see candidates making a fool of themselves doing ballroom dancing on stage or singing karaoke to win their votes – coz that’s all it takes..
    now what? they have Wowowillie and his version of the noon time game show “campaigning” around the country. tsk! tsk! tsk!
    thanks for posting your opinion and openly expressing your stand. I hope in one way or the other, it enlightens those in the dark.

  17. Quick! Can someone send this link to Inquirer, ABS-CBN, MB etc etc please…

  18. now this is why your blog stands out from the rest…short entries but very well said.

    politics and fashion? why not?

  19. If I had an alter ego, it would not be you. Let me explain. It’s nothing negative but I gotta be honest with myself, even my fiercest* alter ego couldn’t match up to you! (yes, that’s a compliment, ok?)

    BUT on this topic, I can say, “YEAH, you and I…we see eye to eye.”

    (*fiercest-don’t like that word but it does the trick)

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