Christian Lacroix CEO Nicolas Topiol's Notebook Case

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Christian Lacroix CEO Nicolas Topiol’s Notebook Case

And Lacroix lives on…

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Nicolas Topiol, CEO of Christian Lacroix.

Christian Lacroix Papier

He showed me his leather notebook case by Christian Lacroix Papier, no less. I was impressed by the beautiful embossed details. I thought it was a passport holder, to be honest.

He also hinted about showing menswear either at Pitti in Florence or in Paris. I guess we’ll find out soon.


  1. please, PLEASE, i need to know what’s the deal with Ch. Lacroix, I’m a huge fan of his, and this is about an emotional matter; Because of so many things- he desing the cinema I used to go in Nantes while studing there, I also catch a glympse of him in tuilleries as he when out to smoke a cigarette, he was the living image of a tortured artist… everything he used to do was pure poetry, and as I saw the film habilles by loic prigent I felt just exactly as the woman scandalized by how the french authorities look the other way; I also find insulting the pressure that some fashion people (but mostly critics)put around his work to do it rentable, art like his is never going to do it in the retail world, so please can someone give him a Burse, and please tell the audience what’s happening with him!

  2. I would also love to know what the deal is with Christian Lacroix. He I see him as the most gifted alive fashion designer, the most innovative one. He is the one whose every collection has always blown me away and inspired me. He has never disappointed me (I particularly love his menswear). Losing Christian Lacroix, as a fashion house or as a designer, would leave a gaping hole in fashion! I have been buying all the Christian Lacroix for men I could find in my size, in the fear that they won’t be available much longer!
    I think that this notebook’s pattern is derived from work done by CL for Avon (!) – I know Christian Lacroix (the designer) is very much opposed to his name surviving only on licenses…
    Perhaps we shall see a similar situation as with Hervé Léger: when the designer was kicked out of the house bearing his name, he founded another house called Hervé L. Leroux (and has assumed the name for himself). He still does high quality work with Hervé L. Leroux (better than the bling-bling work done by Hervé Léger by Max Azria).

  3. daru3131

    Agree with you that the Christian Lacroix menswear is great. It is still happening and going strong as reported in the press with all the other product categories.

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