American Vogue November 1988 – Micaela Bercu

Written By bryanboy

American Vogue November 1988

Speaking of number one, behold my latest acquisition: the November 1988 issue of American Vogue.

US Vogue November 1988 cover featuring Micaela Bercu

This is Anna Wintour’s first issue as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue USA after replacing Grace Mirabella.

Micaela Bercu, in a Christian Lacroix haute couture jacket, was photographed by Peter Lindbergh who, as reported last month, is returning to the magazine after an eighteen-year hiatus. It’s also the first time jeans appeared on the cover of the magazine.

I bought this (for $75 shipping included) on eBay after a crazy bidding war. I wasn’t gonna let it go.

Trust me, every penny I’ve spent is worth this amazing piece of history.


  1. Stephen

    Good on you for getting it. It seems in very good condition too. Perhaps you could put up some pictures of the shoots in it?
    Keep up the fantastic work,

  2. atenean

    go to the ateneo library we have what i call the “vogue library” from 1980 to 1999. Grace Mirabella’s issues were bland and boring… and full of cigarette ads. hahaha

  3. Gorgeous! Absolutely love it. I’m surprised it was only 75$. I wonder who the other bidder(s) was/were.

  4. That’s amazing, you’re really luck.
    and i could totally wear this jacket right now!

  5. don’t you love how much happier, healthier, and beautiful models looked back then? refreshing!

  6. I really love vintage fashion magazines and I would totally want this one! I have a thing for the late 60’s early 70’s Vogue also. Want a few of those in my collection!

  7. Haha I’ve been having bidding wars for old Pop magazines I must own them all. I seem to remember lucky you has issue 1 of Pop.

  8. Excellent find! Now I’ll have to find the LaCroix on the cover when I go out searching for vintage!
    Jeanne Suica Vintage and Modern Collectable Clothing

  9. love it. I MISS covers like this (never mind I was born in 94!!). Little words, a facial expression that isnt “smizing”, y’know. some interestingness.

  10. Fashion Wanita Korea

    wow. 1988. Great things. i also bid for magazine on ebay once.

  11. I still have this issue. I bought mine in Quiapo for 30 bucks. I didn’t know that this was Anna’s 1st issue. I bought this along with a 78′ issue with Patti Hansen and one from 1980 with Gia Carangi on the cover.

  12. regreta

    holy fucking shit!!! that was my first vogue!! i had been begging my poor mother to buy me vogue and she caved in!!! this was my very very first vogue!!!! i loved it sooo much i covered i attempted to laminate it with clear packing tape so it would last!!! i studied every fucking page in that thing… the sick is i remember it…. the brooke shields article on being toned, to the colorful spread that showcased those fabulous designer wool coats with the matching colorful tights in high heels!!! that shoot with michaela bercu in paris!!! oh paris was burning in 1985! this was a beautiful time in fashion, where YSL was still king and papa Lagerfeld was knocking the socks off the fashion world with his retakes of the famed chanel wool suit!!! oh dear dear bryanboy…. you have given me such flashbacks!!!!! thank you! oh and thanks for the anna wintour fun fact!! i had no idea i had been unconsciously breed by the finest ms. wintour since childhood… well it shows in my fine taste…
    cheers bryan!!
    p.s…. i miss your stories of the third world…. those were pure comedy!

  13. Hey Bryan! You’re the lucky Star Fu*ker who beat me!! I hate you! LOL- kidding. Yeah, I was the second bidder who bid the $66.50.

    After this listing, there was another Nov. 1988 issue that eventually sold for $180!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ISN’T THAT AMAZING?!?! I came in second on that too.

    I got lucky 2 days ago though and I won one of these is perfect immaculate condition for only $75. I guess that all that waiting and losing finally paid off!

  14. OMG, that Jacket looks excatlly the same as Jeremy Scott Fall 2010, i wonder if he insepire on Christian Lacroix or it is just taht the disagniers are in so lack of creativity lately

  15. Sorry,I’m lookin for an article of Keith Haring in this magazine Nov 1988 called “Remembering Basquiat”. Could you help me, please?

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