American Apparel London Rummage Sale Riot [video]

Written By bryanboy

American Apparel Rummage Sale Riot

As you know, American Apparel (who I love) in London has been shut down by the police. Today is their big rummage sale and tons of people showed up.

How scary is that?

Fascinating how some people turn into rabid animals just to get a good deal.

American Apparel London Rummage Sale

I hope there’s no self-entitled pregnant lady who tried to cut the line (like they did at the Uniqlo and Hermès sample sale in NYC) in that sea of hipster scum.

Oh wait. Am I hipster scum?


  1. OMG they’re so trashy!!! I went to the factory clearance sale at the factory in downtown LA… There was a really long line but it was very very calm… Nowhere near as outrageous as this shit in England!!! Dayummm the shit people will pull to get a V neck for 10 bucks!!!

  2. I was going to go after a few hours and then saw the FB status looked really crazy, plus being in East end of London there was bound to be riots!

  3. fashionista:london

    OMG, I was going to take my little girl to that … Never been more glad that I was asked to work instead!

  4. 1000’s of broke students all off uni + American Apparel stock up to 85% off = Riots On The Streets Of London… Duh

  5. Oh my god, is this the level of social etiquette that society has dropped down to for a couple of lousy cheap t-shirts. Its embarrassing. Maybe if it was for vintage Chanel you’d see me jump on top of a car. Yikes.

  6. are you stupid, its nothing to do with the clothes, the people that wanted the clothes would have waited. its an easy oppertunity for people lookin for trouble to go into a huge mass of people, start fights, mug them, and generally cause havoc and look like a ‘big shot’ in front of pretty much every uni student that came home last night back to london…..your quite dumb if you thought it was for the clothes. welcome to the real world.

  7. A V neck is like £30 over here so theres no suprise there were riots.. your just talking shit, cos all your stuff is cheap. so fuck off england isn’t trashy, your just a dumb fuck american who dosen’t know shit.

  8. I was there and it was terrible, but I most say it was poor manaagement on American Apparel’s part there were no barriers up or anything, my friends and I got there at 8am for the 10am start, but by 11am we were still waiting and as people began to get restless.

  9. Hi, guys;
    We just posted this up on our site but I wanted to leave the info as a comment here, as well. Right now we’re doing everything we can to run the sale as planned on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We’re hiring a big security team and working with the police to ensure everyone’s safety and make sure things go as smoothly as possible.
    All that being said, we know that today was disappointing and scary for many of you. For that, we are deeply sorry. Not only do we want to make it up to you, but we want to thank you for your dedication to our company. Below are several options for people who can’t make the sale this weekend or just plain don’t want to anymore. We hope that you can at least leave with a little something. Just enter the discount code at checkout from our UK webstore.
    – AALNDNFAV (40% OFF some of the most requested rummage sale styles)
    – LNDNRMG25 (25% OFF he entire webstore) (link:
    – EVENTPAGE (25% OFF a purchase at our UK retail stores. Just bring the Facebook event page with you to redeem)

  10. I was there since 8! It was absolutely outrageous! People were being arrested so obviously it got a tad bit out of hand… but I agree wth AA, poor management on the part Of American Apparel. The event on FB had an attendace of 28000, it was bound to get catty!

    However, NOT trashy! We all like a good deal, even if just American Apparel… especially students like me, we have to rely on shitty-riotous sales to get our fashion fix…

  11. I was there , hoping that even if we had to wait, then so be it. But people were just way too eager. If everyone had calmed down just a little bit and been a bit more civilised , then the sale could have gone on , people were almost on the verge of being savage , pushing , screaming , running?
    I would say it was slightly trashy behaviour. No matter how much you want a bargain , or if you’re a “student” .The facebook page did state that they would replenish the stock , plenty to go round I reckon. Either way , people still need to remain civil..after all .. it’s just clothes..

  12. Charlotte

    OMG that was just stupid ! them guys obviuosly werent there for the clothes they were just lookin for trouble – so dont go calling us shit! East ends a bit rough anyway – but for american apparel ? i could understand if it was designer or sumin… itd put u off goin to em.

  13. That is indeed very scary. I can understand queueing to get a Hermes item with a huge discount; especially if you are going to keep it for the rest of your life, or even pass it to your sons & daughters (I still use my great-grandfather’s leather notebook).

    But, American Apparel?

    It’s averagely designed; it’s average quality; it’s not even really fashionable (well unless you think pyjamas are the zenith of fashion) & it’s never going to last longer than a few months!

    I am shocked.

    Also, the next time British people pride themselves of being able to queue (as if other nations were unable to do so! it’s not particularly difficult: all you need is a sheep mentality), I shall I refer them to this video. They cannot even use the poor usual excuse ‘it’s all foreigners’…

  14. Finally someone says something intelligent on this crap! If the perpetrators were people waiting in line to get into the rummage sale wouldn’t they be wearing skinny jeans? WHERE ARE THE SKINNY JEANS?! Just another case of London hoodlums stumbling across a scene to create a scene.

  15. 1) American Apparel is more expensive here and paying £18 instead of £80 is going to make people go to the sale.
    2) British people don’t pride themselves for queuing they mock themselves for it…
    3) Hundreds and hundreds of people turned up and there were no barriers and no staff outside so there was just a huge crowd of people that had been waiting a long time.
    4) ‘It’s all foreigners’… ??? Where did you get that from?
    It’s clear some opportunist idiot knew there would be hundreds of people in the same spot and wanted to cause trouble. And Hermes seriously? Get over yourself.

  16. I am really sorry I hurt your London pride – I got ‘it’s because of the foreigners’ or ‘it’s all foreigners’ from daily life in London. It’s an explanation brandied about whenever people are not queueing ‘the English way’ (or cutting the queue), when people go up on the wrong side in the Tube, when property prices go up in London, when cyclists go through red lights, when pedestrians do a bit of j-walking.
    What is the issue for Hermes ? I don’t get it. At £80 you’ll get a better designed & better quality tee-shirt from Hermès than from American Apparel – at £18, you’ll get a betetr designed & better quality tee-shirt from Uniqlo, too!

  17. It’s kind of funny…
    No one in Japan would lineup for Uniglo the way they did endlessly in Paris…nor Muji for that matter, so no one in the US would line up for American Apparel-considered kinda trashy here.
    different folks, different strokes
    Hermes, Pierre or the other one, tout la monde is queuing up for VITE Sweetie Darling

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