Adam Carolla vs Manny Pacquiao

Written By bryanboy

Adam Carolla vs Manny Pacquiao

Oh dear. Here we go again. I’m gonna get myself some popcorn, sit back and watch Filipinos retaliate in droves. Radio comedian Adam Carolla is under fire for making these comments about boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Adam Carolla vs Manny Pacquiao

Some of Adam Carolla’s choice comments:

  • Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao.
  • All you fucking got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people? And that’s all you have as Philippines? Oh they are so proud of their native son. He’s gonna run for congress in the Philippines.
  • It’s fine to be proud of your countrymen and that’s it? That’s all you got?

I thought the whole thing is hilarious if you ask me. Some of the things he said are utterly, utterly crap while some do have home truths to it.

What do you think? Is he really, genuinely racist?


  1. No, he’s a comedian who riles people up. Sucks that the Philippines is at the bud of his joke but hey it might be the US tomorrow.

  2. carolla is a has-been (oh wait he was never popular) who is starving for attention. He knows there’s gna be an uproar from pinoys everywhere…i say just ignore the bastard!

  3. justine

    I’m actually very offended and I’m not even a fan of Manny. It’s one thing to crack a joke, but all of his comments are based on ignorance. He attacks a country he clearly knows nothing about. The whole “same difference” comment he makes in regards to Thailand sex tours was flat out uncalled for. But I’m sure he’s trying to be a douche to get a couple laughs.

  4. angryhapagirl

    He’s a big fucking racist. He has a point about Pacquiao but the moment he said that the PI was full of prostitution rings, I just said to myself, “Stupid ignorant white man. How typical, I’m not surprised.” I can’t believe I used to like this guy when he was on Loveline with Dr. Drew.

  5. boxing is a third world and/or ghetto sport…the only ones who are willing to get smashed are those who are so poor that they could afford to risk everything.
    his remarks, which i don’t find racist, will certainly raise the hackles of the filipinos who can never be at the receiving end of jokes.

  6. Holy stars of Louis Vuitton!!! Who the hell is Adam Carolla? I simply don’t understand the paradox of his own situation! Don’t he look a little bit old and fugly (*ugh! heven forbid) to mangle a reputable man like Manny? What in heaven’s name are you doing Carolla? You don’t even have a name to start with! Mongrel! I guess the only thing that is left of him is his mouth and his pen**! If he wants to share the limelight with Manny or share the billions Manny earn in smashing faces…well probably he should also try to grow some muscles and box!
    (P.S.: No offense to the US people…but I hear some speak their own language ‘erroneously’!)
    (P.S.: And the thing you call RITUAL… we call it FAITH… and that you don’t have! Atheist!)

  7. In observance of the Holy Week, I’m saying a little prayer for that ignoramus Adam Carolla: “Father, forgive him for he knows not what he does/says.”
    Happy Easter, BB and fans!

  8. The Philippines will unite to ask for a public apology, like we did on the ‘desperate housewives’ incident. Sad but true.

  9. lemotdepasse

    I’m Filipino and I don’t give a damn about boxing and that dimwit Pacquiao! sheeet, big f***ing deal. I don’t think that boxing is something of an achievement. I mean, c’mon? we should be proud of beating up people? Ugh. Give me a break.
    I totally agree with Adam Carolla. I don’t think he’s being racist at all; he’s just voicing his opinion. But really, he’s right about “moving on” because boxing is stupid and it’s stupid for a country to glorify that imbecile called Pacquiao. Ecch. If you’re offended with Carolla’s comments, well, you need to just get a life.
    [Now, Charice P. is someone to be really proud of! I love that girl; very talented!]

  10. ivy_league05

    he hit a home in there…It’s just insulting how western people think of Philippines as a pay-cheap-sex country…other than that, most of the things he says are true… Manny is a great boxer but the world just don’t revolve around him…. and he should stop entering politics!ugh!!! that’s my opinion only… :)

  11. JoeBreaker

    You’re right man, Philippines need to move on. Not just fooling the people with tv game shows and about manny pacquaio being famous and make filipinos proud. it doesn’t help the country. Philippines need to have a real goverment that would kill poverty. Philippines is so famous with corrupt officials, boxing, tv game shows and most of all sex scandal…

  12. maryelle

    It’s not like American professional athletes are perfect themselves….. Most of them are drugged up, abuse dogs, or cheat on their wives and we just shrug it off.
    Then again, as a Fil-Am, I agree with the over-hype they give Pacquiao. I mean, he’s running for office??? Come on… he has no merit whatsoever other than he’s an amazing boxer and a funny guy. Whoever puts him in office is like the blind leading the blind.
    And I know this isn’t relevant, but didn’t he name his latest child QUEEN ELIZABETH? Does he even know who she was??? WHO in the sober mind would name their daughter QUEEN ELIZABETH?? Oh gosh….

  13. breyvhart

    I am not a fan of Manny per se, heck i don’t even watch his fights or any boxing matches for that matter… I am a Filipino and proud to be one. If Mr. Carolla thinks that our life revolve around Manny he is wrong, we are proud of him, yes that is undeniable, just as how he must have been proud of a great boxer who represented his country once upon a time.
    Now, if he thinks that something might be wrong with the Filipinos simply because Manny is running for a congressional seat, well Mr. Carolla that is democracy for you. And just for additional info, it is Manny’s second time to run for congress. Yeah, at that time, he’s already world famous, and Filipinos were already proud of him, we even throw festival to greet him back but these did not win him the seat.
    You see, Mr. Carolla, we are proud of his achievements just as he offers his fights to us, but it does not necessarily mean that Filipinos do not elect our government officials with our brain. Try doing that sometime, think before you do or say anything.

  14. Don’t be surprised… when he is walking by some road… and he will get ran over by a bulldozer… or hit by a bullet in his head :) Peace

    There are just some things that needs to be said to wake a sleeping country and nation or its people in their madness…in their actions, in their ways and this is not a good way. He has a point but his point is far more one sided.

    Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao.
    –> Is it indeed? Try to take a closer look, we will be quite surprised that there is a lot going on and it is not all about Manny for Philippines. He said that everything is about Manny by this statement, didn’t he himself just see the Philippines as a representataion of Manny and everything else is about Manny, so he will be just the same as the Filipinos then? He is no different then all that he thinks and sees is Manny, nothing more, nothing less.

    All you fucking got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people? And that’s all you have as Philippines? Oh they are so proud of their native son. He’s gonna run for congress in the Philippines.
    –> A single person cannot be a representation of a whole nation. He is playing a part for the Philippines, but he does not comprise all its citizens. And he is not what they have as Philippines, try to have better look and we will be surprised, of how many intelligent people they have there. Poor but intelligent…the opportunity is just not given… but there is intelligence, no question. Proud of their native son, who will not be? Let’s say one of our yougest son or daughter, have said their first words… Mama, Papa… wouldn’t it be a delightful feeling to hear those words, there is nothing extra ordinary actually, they have said just some short simple words, other children might do well, do better than them.. but still we are proud, and we will boast to the whole wide world and let them know of that accomplishment they have, can be true also from Manny’s case, only a whole nation is involve (and other nations as well). He’s gonna run for congress… So what’s the big deal with this? If he wanted to serve the people, then go. If he has the capacity, the vision and the care for his people then he can what he wants to be. Education is not a limit for people who wants to serve, experience and heart is, and faith. Maybe nobody knows for now, maybe he might just be what the country may need. Although when he runs for congress, he should be ready to face all odds, he must have a firm ground and his plans for the better, and never get confused, used or destroy by others.

    It’s fine to be proud of your countrymen and that’s it? That’s all you got?
    –> Fine to be proud, just let them be. Is this all the Philippines got? For us to know, we should find out first… Surprises are just lying around the corner…

    Just voicing out my opinion… I am not a Filipino nor an American… But then who will know that I am not lying and is indeed neither of the two?

    –Chapz 4/3/2010–

  15. Chiquita

    He has a point, but he did not made use of the right words… has a point but did not made use of the right perspective… one sided…

  16. He has a point… but its one sided… has a point but he didn’t choose his language effectively

  17. christine

    he did not use his language effectively and the right perspective coz he’s a dimwit!
    apparently, he’s an “expert” in the philippines and knows so much, he can just rattle on and ramble.
    leah salonga??? monique lhullier??? kenneth cobonpue??? charice pempengco??? what about the philippines biggest export – its OFW’s scattered around the globe, not just the US, and in so many industries: nurses, doctors, engineers, technicians, teachers, hotel and cruise ship workers, laborers, construction workers etc.
    Products: coconut oil, pineapples, mangoes, tuna, textiles, computer chips, electronics, furniture..
    these are just some of the things i can think of in my head.
    him??? apparently, he gets his facts from TV. that shows u his level of intelligence is that of a monkey

  18. and oh I just found out you are not tv host but just a smelly radio host! A garbage like you should not be sitting in front of microphone, you should be putting your head inside a toilet bowl and you can come to me I can make you gargle my piss! You are disgracing white people! You are mentally ill in case you dont realize that! A very ranting lunat!c! Obnox!ous! Your way of getting attention is a stup!d idea! Can somebody pls get his crap out of the internet! Hes sick! You are disgracing the media! Yes you have your freedom to speak whats in your mind but that doesnt that you have to make such racist comments! You nasty! You should get lost from that radio station, you mor0n! you aswipe lil d!ckhead! you should be beheaded in front of the Filipinos, and for Sunstroke, you got your passport right? if you dont like it in here, you can always go back to your country and kiss the ass of that smelly Carolla and combine your sh!t together!

  19. CrazyPuff18

    He just lost SO MUCH BET MONEY by not going for PACQUIAO. He got furious, and thus the bashing.

  20. CrazyPuff18

    Forgive Adam, it just so happened that he lost so much money by not betting on Pacquiao. That explains the bashing. Poor guy.

  21. If that was a joke, it was completely tasteless, and thoughtless, too. Fine, Mr. Carolla can hate the man but to ridicule the whole country where he’s from is crossing the line. I was born in the Philippines but spent most of my adult life in different European countries. I’ve learned how not to be overly sensitive and to distinguish (bad) jokes from racist remarks. Regardless of Mr. Carolla’s intentions, his statements are OUTRIGHT RACIST. I’m not a fan of Mr. Pacquiao either – I haven’t seen any of his fights, but the Philippines has a valid reason to be proud of him. Mr. Carolla needs a lesson or two in world history or international relations. OR at the very least, send him back to kindergarten and have him learn
    good manners.

  22. Yokohama

    Clearly he’s a nobody trying to get some attention and Pacquiao is someone who had already faced a lot of negative statements from a bunch of nobodies like this guy (or gay cause he looks like it) because of the fame he gets. The only thing worst on this Adam CROTCHia or whatever this guy’s name is, is his lack of intelligence (Not to mention unlikely fame that he wants to pursue), clearly doesn’t deal with what really goes within what several Filipinos feel about seeing Pacquiao win out there, I mean did this guy even visited the country to say everything he said is really what it looks like? Did this guy ever saw what Paquiao had already did for his country helping his countrymen for the past few years, not only raising the hopes of the Filipino people but helping them financially as well? This guy didn’t know the good things Pacquiao did during the Ondoy tragedy here in the Philippines last year (But every Filipino do)? I guess not. This dumb ass is clearly a dumb ass, a stupid dumb ass trying to get some attention which he doesn’t deserve. Clearly no apologies will not uphold his name his career or give him fame. He doesn’t even deserve to be the center of attention but oh well. Just ignore the crotch. ;3 Such nobody trying to put himself on something high will only push him through the corner of a cliff headfirst.

  23. krank yanker

    Look at Ali, Joe Louis… when these guys fought… the African Americans stopped and raved when these warriors won. Their times were bad, and yet their souls being defiant, and being warriors lifted the mentality of a whole nation. So whats the difference with Pac, because he is from a 3rd world country, hes less. Fuck you Carolla.

  24. jolitz

    you don’t know anything about filipinos, so better keep your cock sucking mouth shut! you’re nothing but a low life trying hard comedian, and i don’t think you’re funny as a comedian. For me, the late george carlin was still the best.

  25. i always just thought his humour was making fun of ignorance by satirically saying ignorant things. it’s a pretty common american sense of humour. have you ever seen the show Crank Yankers? he co-created and did some of the voices – hilarious.

  26. Carolla is simply fucking idiot moron nonesense person… Suck ur dick Gago…

  27. he has a point about manny running in office. so sad that manny agreed himself run. he’s one ignorant guy or some kind of a gullible person talked in to doing this by some politicians around him. well it is sad how much the philippines is known for an outright unashamed form of corruption that they even include this poor, well poor in mind..

    but about that comedian guy.. who the hell is he? what was he known for? is that his lame attempt for attention? both of the guys on this topic are just plain weird i think. both just like attention way too much in their own ways.

  28. parachita

    after reading the comments, i came to the conclusion that borat should do a whole segment on phillipines. that should be brilliant!

  29. Funny Filipino Jokes

    He’s just stupid and ignorant. I think he’s just trying to spark up some controversy and take a free ride on the Pacquiao train.

  30. jd_rn1975

    “boxing is a third world and/or ghetto sport”???
    Really Gemma? You’re just as clueless as Adam Carolla! The reason why you don’t find his remarks racist is probably because you’re one too!

  31. Do you agree with all the presumptions and prejudice that Carolla said? It’s one thing to get a few laughs at the expense of one person but to ridicule a whole country, a whole nation, that’s a different story. Are you sure you’re Filipino? It just surprises me that you’re not one bit irritated by any of Carolla’s tirade. And to add insult to injury, you’re calling Pacquiao names too! You F*ing dimwit!

  32. Carolla is a nobody. Pacquiao was in Time Magazine, GQ, etc. There is no comparison. Don’t give Carolla free publicity.

  33. Kung sino man yung nag-sabi na tama si Carolla ay isa pa ring tanga…para nyo naring kinampihan yung kapitbahay nyo na minumura yung nanay nyo dahil nagpuputa para lang may-mapakain sa inyo. We filipino’s know’s how to celebrate simple life pleasures. kung nanganak ba ng lima yung aso nyo, kung naka-shoot ba yung anak natin sa liga ng brgy. o kung nanalo ba si manny, pare-parehas lang yun mag-kakaibang level lang.


    My fellow filipinos please just ignore Adam Carolla because it’s not worth it. He is just trying to get some ratings/buzz with his name because he has a pilot show coming up on NBC. His former co-host Jimmy Kimmel has a late night show and Adam is barely getting by with a f*cking podcast. Let Adam and his followers go back to worshiping Tiger Woods and his porn stars because we all know they are far more high and mighty than the rest of us.
    BTW I’m not a fan of Manny nor do I support him running for congress.

  35. …and labelling me as racist and clueless just reflects the kind of person you are. lemme guess… a pea- minded pinoy. sadly, one can never fight with ignorance.
    your attitude reminds me of filipinos who collectively identify with pacquiao’s victory as their own.
    and DUDE, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO GET A CLUE. boxing ain’t a country club sport. hell no… come to my brooklyn ‘hood and i’ll show you the gyms where some of the greatest in boxing started.
    and what’s wrong with third world and ghetto?!!! i was born and bred in the third world philippines and work with amazing kids from the ghetto.
    take a chill pill.

  36. chuck_azrin

    Who is this Adam Carolla anyway? This name does not ring a bell. But if they say he’s a DJ/comedian/host, he’s obviously not good at his profession, the fact that he is not quite successful in making a name in his industry.

    Carolla probably envies Pacquiao because whenever Pacquiao has a fight, people spend good sum of money (as much as $700 per seat) to watch him, and the stadium is always packed. Even big Hollywood celebs, and other popular sports personalities watch him. But with Carolla, who would spend $700 per seat to watch his shows?

    One thing’s for sure….at least Carolla knows Pacquiao as a boxer, the field where Pacquiao chooses excel, and where has been very good at being the no. 1 pound-per-pound. And Carolla, now has become popular, not as a DJ/comedian/host, but as one very ignorant person.

    Next time Carolla, think before you speak.

  37. veronica

    take a chill pill everyone. i’m pretty sure this adam guy is stacked with credit card bills to pay that manny pacquiao can pay through his third-world-ghetto-sport coz adam’s radio day job can’t. =)
    peace. =)

  38. Proud Pinoy

    this is so funny.
    start a Senate hearing, our Senators better make sure that this guy gets punished for voicing his opinion.
    Sign a petition for the Pope to excommunicate the guy too, and while at it, sign a petition to make the great Manny Paquiao a Saint!
    And let’s all vote for Manny for Congress!!!
    I’m sure he can box his way to fight poverty and corruption!
    Yahoo!! And I’m dead serious ok?

  39. ariana

    the only racist part was when he said “same-difference” when he mistook bangkok(known for being a sex tourist hotspot) for the phillipines…and the thing is he’s nevr been to phillipines..he’s just happy to assume that any third world country esp if it’s an asian country(e.g. phillipines) is famous for sex tourism..that right there is racist of him! also..the part about manny worshipping chicken bones..i he was spewing out stereotypes after stereotypes. loser just needed a little bit of attention cuz u know nobody gives a damn about type of name is that anyway?

  40. Mke Craig

    If you listened to the whole show like I did, you realize that he enjoys Paquios fights and is in fact pissed off that he may not get to see one of the best matchups in history because of a some wierd belief. Carolla is generally a person who believes in whatever make sense, and goes off when he sees something that doesn’t. Obviously in this case he got carried away. It happens when you’re heated. I’d say it’s being made more of than it actually was.

  41. April C

    “I don’t think that boxing is something of an achievement. I mean, c’mon? we should be proud of beating up people?”
    You can say that about any sport, for example, basketball: c’mon, we should be proud of dribbling and throwing a ball in a hoop? Any sport (including boxing, basketball, whatever) requires a lot of dedication, and all the athletes deserve some acknowledgment for being at the top of their game; it takes a lot of time to develop that amount of specific coordination.(Although I do think that most sports stars are way overpaid.)

  42. She’s more idiotic than him; and maybe she’s a domestic helper in Brooklyn.

  43. lucymonos

    BB i’m even much surprised that you put this on your blog…


    I agree with you… she’s probably a domestic help and from the ghetto because she doesn’t appreciate what Manny is doing for the country. haha.

  45. bknd2others

    I definitely agree with you, well said! This is just one man who does not have any “class” at all, who is so desperate to get some attention at the expense of others and at the expense of the whole nation that he knew nothing at all or he knew little about. I truly feel so sorry for this guy. How can he make himself so low just to get some attention. There are comedians that they will throw some jokes about someone but will not be so offensive but i can’t believe this man’s lack of intelligience. He just can not accept the fact that a man like Pacquiao can inspire a lot of people in his country and that a lot of his people love him. I am not a boxing fan and it only started a few months ago when i started to watch a few of Pacquiao’s videos in my laptop due to my family especially my brothers in the Philippines. Well, i want to say to this man,Carolla,(who calls himself a comedian when he is not funny at all)that my brothers and my family are educated people and very busy people and so they do not only spend their time watching Pacquiao. But i am happy to see my brothers and my family enjoys watching boxing when Pacquiao fights. This man, Carolla, is really clueless about what Manny Pacquiao do for his people and the people who are less fortunate. I wonder what Carolla’s accomplishments are as far as doing something good for humanity. It does not matter if you are rich, Carolla, and you look down on my people but to me, “You are nothing, but just one rotten human being.” I am from the Philippines and again I am proud to say that, i grew up not poor but i do not look down on poor Filipinos and poor people. Also, you do not know much about my country, but just negative things being said, but there is a lot of good things you can find in my country. You might get some angry Filipinos on this site ( i do not blame them because of your insults)but come to my country and you will find the best people you can find on this planet. I travelled several countries and love meeting people but i can tell you that we do have lots of good people around the world especially from my country. I’ve been in America for a long time but Philippines is always my “HOME SWEET HOME.” Maybe you should come to my country and we will show what real people truly are. We do have everything here in America,all the luxury and everything, but that’s not all important,Mr. Carolla.KINDNESS AND RESPECT TO OTHER PEOPLE,NOT BEING PREJUDICE OR IGNORANT AND NOT TO LOOK DOWN ON OTHER PEOPLE IS WHAT TRULY MAKES A REAL MAN IS. I think that you will really learn a lot if you visit the Philippines,you will see that even if some people does not have a lot but they are still happy for little things they have and they appreciate little things in life. It is not all about fame and wealth, Mr. Carolla, it is about respect to other people it does not matter what their position in life is or even if they came from a poor country. It is better to be remembered as a “good comedian” than one who is the “most offensive and foul mouthed” comedian. I think intelligient,educated,classy audience will pay any money for some “class act” comedian and not just one “wannabe, low class comedian.”

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